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Implement ctrl+t to open a new tab and ctrl+shift+t to reopen the last closed tab. The same way most browsers do it
Open a new tab is Ctrl+N (new file).

But I agree with the "Reopen last closed tab". Getting it from the "File" > "Open Recent" is fine, but the shorcut could be useful to a lot of people
Isn't Ctrl-T the de facto standard for a new tab where Ctrl-N is for a new window (Ctrl-Shift-N in ST2)?

Personally I'd prefer:
Ctrl-T (new tab which is the same as new file in ST2)
Shift-Ctrl-T (reopen last closed tab)
Ctrl-N (new window)


You can open a new tab with ctrl+n and to reopen last closed tab (ctrl+shift+t) shortcut you can use the key binding I used in my reply to this topic: http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/60349-reopen-previously-closed-tab/ :)