'File'->'Clone' is the wrong term for a new view

ipearx 9 år siden opdateret af Matthew Lloyd 9 år siden 5
The term 'clone' for creating a new view just doesn't make sense under the 'file' menu. When chosen it doesn't clone the file, it creates a new view of the same file, so it should really be under the 'view' menu.

I would expect 'file' -> 'clone' to actually create a new file with the same content, which can then be saved with a different file name, much like Photoshop's 'duplicate' command.

I would suggest moving the feature to become 'View' -> 'New view' or something similar.
Well, "File -> New" doesn't create a new file, either.  It creates a new view.  Only after "File -> Save" becomes this new view a file.
I disagree, 'file' -> 'new'  does create a new, unsaved file, just like in any document editing app 'file' -> 'new' creates a new document. 'File' -> 'new' in photoshop creates a new photo. They all happen to create a new view of the new file of course. 

One would expect 'file' -> 'clone' to work the same as 'file' -> 'new' except it should populate your new file with the content of your currently viewed file. Both would leave you with an unsaved file.

In photoshop, new is in the 'file' menu, duplicate is in the 'image' menu, and a new view is in the 'window' menu (although that's creating a new window, not a new tab). Sublime edit doesn't have a window menu except on the mac, which has the default mac items in it.
I totally agree.  I was looking for this ability and would never have guessed that File>Clone does what I wanted.  (I'm at least extremely relieved that the ability is there, regardless of what it's called!)
I agree. In fact I looked everywhere and ended up posting a noob topic on the forum asking how do i create a new view. This could be much better named.
This has been renamed to "New View into File" in 2181, but I too found myself searching for it under the View menu - I definitely did not expect to find this option under the File menu.

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