Fix symbol lookup for long method declarations

Matt Hauck 8 år siden 0

The symbol/method lookup gets a bit unwieldy when a method name/arguments are very long and have many spaces. For example, if writing in java, I may have a method that looks like this:

public static void doTheThing(final String foo,
  final FooManager fooManager,
 final BlahManager blahManager,
  final String name,
  final String color) throws IOException, AnotherException {
When this method name shows up in the symbol lookup, it is hardly recognizable. 

The dots here are using up precious real estate for this long method declaration. I presume spaces are already being stripped out, but I'm not sure the logic used to display, for example, the name of the final argument, rather than the name of the method itself. I think method names should always appear in the symbol lookup, and their return types and arguments should be prioritized after. 

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