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Something like Coda, which could put a preview of our code in the tab.

Not what could look a webpage, just a preview of the whole code. It makes the user experience better.

Could you please expand on what you are asking for here.

What does a 'preview' mean in the context you are using it?

Are you asking for a rendering of your HTML?

Or something else?

I really have no good idea of what you are trying to describe.

Wow, I don't know what happend but some of the text is gone..

Basically, I was speaking about adding a preview in the tabs. Something like the minimap that ST already offers, but in the tab. I'm not talking about some HTML preview.

So maybe something like zooming way out on the code?

(Command - on OS X | Control and mouse wheel on Windows)

Something of that kind?

If it is kinda like the minimap then how is your suggestion better than the minimap? 

I am not poking holes in your suggestion, just trying to get your idea out more explicitly and give you the chance to 'sell' it and why it would be a cool feature to have.

Could well be that you gave all these reasons in the stuff that got lost but unless the community can see your brilliant thoughts it is going to be hard to get up votes amongst all the other brilliant ideas already in here.

The minimap helps the user to find where his code is located in the file. A minimap  in the tabs could help the user find what file he wants to edit easier.

Looking at an image is always easier to identify than looking at a filename.

So now I left click on the file and i get the file in my tab with the minimap showing me the structure of this file.

If it looks like the file I want to work on I can start making changes and it becomes the active file.

What does your idea give that is not in that process? Or is easier in your idea than that process gives?

At the moment it seems like everything you want it provided by the minimap. (Maybe not in the exact way you are used to but there nonetheless.)

What am I missing?

Are you talking about some kind of amalgamation of multiple files into a single view? (based on includes or calls or something)

Maybe if you gave some concrete exempts of how Coda does whatever it is you want to see ST do it might help?


As you can see on the transmit and transmitEffects we can see a minimap of the code. It helps switching over files on larger projects.

Ah ha, what a nifty idea.

A minimap of the file IS the tab / link to that file.

Not at all what I thought you were describing.

I kinda imagine this would be more difficult to do cross-paltform than OS X specific.

For me I don't think it fits with ST's minimalist design aesthetic but I can see the attraction.

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