close tabs to the left

Darren Dub 9 år siden opdateret af Manoj Mishra 5 år siden 6
If you right click on the tab you are given the option to close tabs to the right. I find myself always needing the opposite.

New files add tabs to the right. So the tabs on the left I haven't used as recently. I usually want to clean up the clutter by closing all the files I haven't used in a while which would be all tabs to the left.
Amen! +1 for this. Not sure when anyone uses close tabs to the right, but since tabs open left to right, my old ones are all on the left.

I agree with the OP, I never need to close those to the right, only those to the left.


I agree. Anyone know of any plugins that do this?


I totally agree with that.

Does anybody find out a solution to close tabs to the left?


Check this out
add the repo to the package manager and install

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