In the on_close listener, view.window() returns None.

Xavura 8 years ago updated by Kenny Levinsen 8 years ago 3
I posted this on the forum but I guess this is the preferred avenue for feature suggestions and bug reports so I figured I would post it here too.
Well, I suppose it depends on the specific order of which things are fired - if on_close is *when the view has closed*, then there won't be much of a view to query. However, if it fires before, then you should have something to play around with.
I think it fires before close as the view object exists and you can query it for most things and they work. Just asking for the window doesn't work, which is why I see it as a bug.
Sounds like you are right, and if not, developer should give an explanation (or documentation..?) to help on the subject. *UPVOTING* to get his attention.