on_query_context not invoked for bindings "outside" of a view

glyph 9 year бұрын жаңартылды 9 year бұрын 0
I have a plugin which consists of some keybindings which can be conditionally toggled on or off, all of which have a 'context' requirement and an accompanying EventListener which checks the global flag to tell whether they should be enabled or not.

When executing an application command though, my keybindings only ever appear to be enabled when executing in the context of a view.  For example: open a new window, go to "layout -> columns: 2", then select the (empty) second column and press a key that has different definitions in the default map and my plugin's map, and the default map will take over, without ever consulting my EventListener.

This is a minor nitpick, since I can always just hit the default keybinding for "new file" and then all of my other bindings take effect, but it would be great if this behaved consistently.

(This on build 2139.)