A live browser preview just like Cssedit

Leandro Flaherty fa 9 anys updated by Arsen T. Holsteinson fa 8 anys 6
A live preview just like cssedit does would be fantastic (override stylesheets, live updates, splitpanel, element inspector) 
Yes, a live edit feature just like Espresso for Mac has would be amazing. Although to be really useful and to bring a lot of developers over to Sublime Text 2 from other programs you would need to have support for live LESS and SASS. 

I know many people are worried about slowing down the editor (Wow, it's current speed is amazing!!!), but you can remedy this by building this into a plugin, or something that you can disable to speed things up.

I know I won't be able to use this editor exclusively until it has this feature. Any thoughts fellow web devs and LESS/SASS gurus?
Yeah this is the make it or break it for me. If I can get that live preview it would sway me away from Komodo.
sublime has all of the things i had always wanted that BBEdit did not.

however...  it's like a cruel joke -

1.  i need a preview in browser command... multiple browser 
2.  and a live preview in sublime - refresh on save... 

i mean... i can't understand why these options aren't the first 2 flourishes that would be added...  did i miss the fine print ?  is this editor just for python ?  am i the only one who likes to see their site come together while coding css???  i feel like charley brown - and you have just pulled the football away from me.  i seriously feel like i am going crazy.  i am seriously upset.  

quick note: check out plugins. Many for LiveReload, many for open in browser. check youtube for ways to write a command yourself. I am looking for something that actually gives a preview IN Sublime, but I don't think it exists. Need to open in the browser to keep up with latest browsers...


I've been using codekit for live preview and preprocessing now. It does all the magic things. Sublime and codekit are a superforce of productivity!

I second what sheriffderek said, CodeKit is excellent for this specially if you sue LESS/SASS. It will update your browser window on save and does it with a nice smooth animation to reflect the changes as opposed to a complete refresh fo the browser window.