Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.


Detect *.mako file as HTML file

Андрей Бовсуновский 6 years ago in Plugin announcements • updated by Sergey Zarovski 6 years ago 1
Detect *.mako file as HTML file

Automatic Updates on Windows using WinSparkle

Luis Lavena 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 6
Hello, I love the Sparkle integration on OSX, but when I switch to Windows, I need to manually download it :-P

I think will be possible offer an appcast for both 32 and 64bits versions using WinSparkle:

Thank you.

Call it just "Sublime"

Rolando Murillo 6 years ago in Plugin announcements • updated by isatis 6 years ago 5
It should be named just Sublime. It is more clear like that.


Mads Hartmann Jensen 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0


Being able to maneuver multiple cursors is really awesome. The following is a list of things that I think would be really, really great :)

  • Make is possible to focus cursors when multiple exists (i.e. leave some of the multiple cursors idle). This could be activated by clicking the cursor you want to focus with your mouse while holding down some keys but preferable some hotkeys should exist as well. Once a single cursor has the focus it would also be great with hotkeys for focusing the previous/next cursor
  • Make it possible to spawn a new cursor at the some position as the current one(s) leaving the old one(s) idle. This could work a quick bookmark functionality together with the previous suggestions but I could find a lot of other fun uses like pre/post-fixing a word at the same time: spawn cursor, ctrl + w, ctrl + f, extend cursor selection to previous cursor, start typing.

smarty suport

Vytenis Kučiauskas 6 years ago in Plugin announcements • updated 6 years ago 2
We need suport for smarty

jasmine plugin

Tejas Dinkar 6 years ago in Plugin announcements • updated by Sergey Shepelev 6 years ago 1

Notice the forked from ;-).

Although, it is still quite immature


Portable USB Version

Jason Davis 6 years ago • updated by Sergey Zarovski 6 years ago 1
I would really like to see a portable version of Sublime2 that can be run from a USB on any computer!

Remove license from dev releases

Frankie The Coin 7 years ago • updated by bizoo 7 years ago 3

Licensing dev releases in my opinion is not the best idea. Most of us it's using to make test on it. Help during development create some ideas. 

In other hand paying for not stable (development) release it's no really a best idea either. I'm really looking forward to pay for sublime. But not when the future is a bit fogy. 

select all, copy and past in the save dialog box

phaitour 7 years ago • updated by Kilian Ciuffolo ⚡_ 5 years ago 1
allow keyboard shortcuts in the save dialog box.