Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.


Emacs-style self documentation

Timo Varis 5 years ago 0

In emacs you can use describe-function to tell where function code is located, to what key is it bind on, and how is it used (parameters etc.). This kind of functionality would greatly enchance user experience in ST2 also.


For plain text it should fix spelling errors/

Kyle Bladen 6 years ago 0
For fixing the spelling errors one might make while writing something in this.

Auto Complete doesn't close automatically

jeffhatz 6 years ago 0
I will type text in, and before the auto complete dialog appears, I'll arrow around, sometimes to the next line. However, the auto complete dialog will still appear after the Nms elapses. Arrowing around should cancel the auto complete dialog from appearing.

Clips system

J Hardy 6 years ago 0
Is there a clips system like Coda has? I love the snippets but really love the clips system in Coda to create were I can have the clips window with my own code chunks.

Search/Replace enhancements

Emiliyan Korgoth Parvanov 6 years ago 0
Search and replace should have color indications (ie search input turns red when no occurances are found and blue when the search wraps). That way you wont have to stare at the statusbar, but can see the colorcode and know whats happening.
Also replace should popup also with ctrl+f (to be honest, most of the times you search something when coding you need to do a replace afterwords, so popiung up the replace dialog is a good idea imo).
The buttons in the search and replace boxes should have a highlighted letter, so that they are accessible via a keyboard combination - for example you search for a word, then enter the replacement for that word and then hit lets say alt+r for replace, and alt+a for replace all (key combinations are of course just a suggestions)

Ctrl+Shift+N not opening new window in HTML file

Alexander Rechsteiner 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 1
Ctrl+Shift+N is supposed to open a new window, and it does in a text file. However, when I change the syntax to HTML then the command does select part of the code instead of opening a new window. I think this shortcut should be consistent over all file and syntax types.

ST 2, Build 2181 

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Support for reverse mouse wheel using Autohotkey

JCarles Vilaseca 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
I'm using this Autohotkey config:

    Send {WheelDown}

    Send {WheelUp}

NCL plugin?

ENoble 5 years ago • updated by robertcollier4 5 years ago 1

Hi, I just stumbled upon SublimeText today.  There is a programming language I use called NCL (

I would like to use this editor with it. The NCL group provides a link where any group can create a plugin for their editor here,

Is it possible someone at SublimeText could do this? I don't know how. 

I will try to do so in 10 days. 


Make XML syntax definition mark invalid double-hyphen inside comment

Ola Vikholt 5 years ago 0
In other words, please apply this patch or some variation of it.

diff --git a/a b/XML.tmLanguage

index 9438f60..bbb5823 100644

--- a/a

+++ b/XML.tmLanguage

@@ -109,6 +109,15 @@




+                       <key>patterns</key>

+                       <array>

+                               <dict>

+                                       <key>match</key>

+                                       <string>--</string>

+                                       <key>name</key>

+                                       <string>invalid.illegal.double-hyphen-in-comment.xml</string>

+                               </dict>

+                       </array>





Erlang syntax highlighting error (with potential fix!)

Anselm Eickhoff 5 years ago 0

In Erlang, fun is not only a keyword for lambdas, but can also be used in -spec macro directives.


-spec for_house_of(Type :: row|column|box,
  Pos :: integer(),
  AccStart :: X,
  Fun :: fun((Pos :: integer(), Acc::X) -> (Y))
) -> [Y].

This breaks syntax highlighting afterwards though (because Sublime text thinks we're in an anonymous function that has never been ended).

(multiline or single line -spec doesn't matter).

It can be fixed by ignoring the fun keyword if it follows two colons in this case:

Erlang.tmLanguage, line 699





This is only a hack though, because the parameter spec could also be unnamed:

-spec for_house_of(Type :: row|column|box,
  fun((integer(), X) -> (Y))
) -> [Y].