Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for OS X, Linux and Windows, currently in beta.

Josh Bjornson 7 years ago • updated by Dimitar Dimitrov 10 months ago 12
Option to change which side of the screen the minimap is on
Russell Keith-Magee 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 2
This would make it easier to open existing ST2 projects using the Finder.
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
This was added in 2165
Brian Adams 6 years ago • updated by redwards 4 years ago 10
When recording a macro it would help if it also recorded F3 (finds).  I frequently need to find a token (like and underscore) and delete everything before it.
singw 5 years ago • updated by Eesger Toering 4 years ago 2
Public the "Open Files" side bar (Panel) API, so plugins like function list side bar made possible.
Muhammad Atef 6 years ago 0
add a class browser that read classes and functions where I can just click the function to navigate to it directly
Luke Scott 6 years ago • updated by Elite9 5 years ago 17

Would be awesome to be able to debug PHP code within Sublime Text. xdebug provides breakpoint support. Basically need a way to place breakpoints, highlight the line, etc...

So either built in support for xdebug, or the means for a plugin to respond to placed breakpoints and display debug data.

Greg Hines 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 4
Currently, one can only expand or collapse a folder by clicking on the arrow to the left of its name. This presents a very small click target. Being able to double-click anywhere on the folder name would be a massive usability improvement for navigating these trees.
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
Current builds will expand or collapse a folder on a single click, clicking on the disclosure button is no longer required
Lorin Hochstein 6 years ago • updated by Teoric Code 11 months ago 4
If the user has a global keyboard shortcut defined that conflicts with a Sublime Text default binding, then Sublime Text will capture the keyboard shortcut. Currently, you need to edit the global key bindings file to disable these default shortcuts.

Allow the user to "unbind" a default key binding in the user key bindings file.

Oneiric Ocelot 6 years ago • updated by Conan Cook 5 years ago 5
It would be nice to have following features implemented:

1) remote projects editing (ftp/sftp with local copy and syncing files with remote location on save)

2) version control integration (svn/git/mercurial)

Having these 2 features implemented will surely draw a lot of attention from users who are currently using text editors like gedit (linux) or e-texteditor (win/linux)