farcaller 5 years ago • updated by Xavura 5 years ago 1
It would be very useful to have a tab supporting web output. Mostly what I'm interested in is a python-scriptable webkit container. 
That would allow to make highly customised output, useful in lots of scenarios (take a look on what TM1 does with tests output for rspec, it's pretty amazing).
Additionally it would allow those of us who do web development to have a possibility of "internal" browser for any testing.
And just think about how it could improve the situation with in-editor API documentation.
Alexandre Gravem 6 years ago • updated by Will Bond 6 years ago 3
It would be nice if you set up a website or some other way to keep track of existing plugins for ST2.
Ted Pearson 6 years ago • updated by klo uo 5 years ago 5
The App Icon looks too similar to Terminal.app. I keep getting confused between the two. Recommend a change for sure!
Andrew Montag 5 years ago • updated by Craig Patik 5 years ago 2
I like using Ctrl + Scroll to change the font size (easy for presenting to other people) but the only thing missing is Ctrl + 0 to reset! 
Il'ya Safrankov 6 years ago • updated by Timothy Johnson, VA 6 years ago 5
Simon Wade 5 years ago • updated by sand12937 4 years ago 3

reveal_in_side_bar should scroll the side bar to show the file. Currently I have to collapse the side bar in order to get it to do this. Also expand all and collapse all for the sidebar would be useful.

mrmachine 6 years ago • updated by Dirk Heider 5 years ago 2
Also make collapsed folders that contain unsaved files bold, so that unsaved files aren't hidden beneath collapsed folders.
Danny Smith 6 years ago • updated by Matthias Dietrich 5 years ago 2
I would love to see a code navigator in the project area like coda has.
Oktay Acikalin 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 2
Sometimes I have to convert the character encoding from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 or others. It would be nice to do this with the currently active view or at least when using "Save As...".
For the in-buffer-variant one could come up with a plugin tho...
Nelson Winters 4 years ago 0
I store all my project files in one location.  I would like to be able to specify a default folder to always display when selecting "Open Project".
Greenwich 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 6
It would be nice if tags were highlighted the same way that brackets are e.g.
<div id = 'example'>
blah blah
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
Added in 2126
.:. brainsik 6 years ago • updated by Ian Goodrich 5 years ago 3
I often use TextMate to write a quick Python script, run it, collect the output, and throw it away. In these cases, I never save the file. However, in Sublime Text 2 I have to save the file before I can run the Build command. It would be great if it automatically created a tmpfile for untitled/unsaved docs and ran the Build command on that.
Johannes Brückner 5 years ago • updated by Nano Zone 9 months ago 1
When working with two main directories in a project (i.e. a dev and a live version of a project), it would be great to be able to add color-labels to the main folders that also apply to all opened tabs. That would greatly help working with files that share the same name but reside in different root folders.

So lets say you need to apply some changes of your dev-versions' screen.css to the screen.css on your live-server and you applied the colors blue (dev) and green (live) to the root-folders. Your tabs would show the colored labels infront of the filename, or the file-names themselves would be colored like the respective label.

That would make it easier to keep an overview, rather than the text-based solution right now.
Scott Bowers 6 years ago • updated by Werner BEROUX 5 years ago 1
I should be able to pipe output on the command line to sublime_text. Sublime should wait until end of file is reached, open a new file, and copy the contents to the new file.
Eduardo Felipe Castegnaro 6 years ago 0
Now that SublimeText 2 already has a great spellchecker it would be nice to limit it to comments instead of comments and strings.

Since not all strings will be user visible, but a documentation is always developer-visible, it makes sense to limit the scope of spellchecking.
Dan Rogers 6 years ago • updated 5 years ago 2
I've been noticing an issue with alt-arrow movement and also with double-click drag selection.

Even though the quote character and the whitespace character are both defined in the "word_separators" preference, these characters are not used during selection (or movement) to separate words properly.

Below you will see an animated gif which illustrates a word selection passing over the quote marks and selecting too much text:

I think in the ideal solution, spaces and quotes should be treated as their own words during this selection mode. This is how native cocoa textfields (eg- TextEdit) work on OSX, and in general it feels more intuitive to be safe during word selection rather than overzealous. After all, it is easier to keep selecting over these characters instead of having to go back and manually adjust the selection after a big jump.
Brian Gilbert 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
Would it be possible for us to store project specific code completions with the project file or perhaps in a [project]/.sublime2 directory?
Alexander Wörndl 4 years ago 0

The 'extract_completions' method seams to have a bug when it comes to variables that contain one or more dashes.


$button_color_main: #0f0 /* works as expected */

$button-color-secondary: #f00 /* will auto complete only the word '$button' */

The bug is double checked and confirmed, more here: https://github.com/alienhard/SublimeAllAutocomplete/issues/18

Razvan Taranu 5 years ago • updated by Vitali Charnarhebel 4 years ago 2

A way to highlight certain pieces of text with different colors. Like the current highliting when you find a word, but I can assign permanent colors to the text.

Very useful when tracking variables / file logs through large files.

Nox10 5 years ago 0
I'm usually working on files connected by SFTP or SMB. The delay that my OS takes to save the files may vary alot. I would love to still work on my files, or other files at that, while Sublime Text 2 is currently writing to the network or filesystem.
Currently all Sublime Text 2 windows are freezing. 
Thanks alot