Shawn McCool 6 years ago • updated by Andrew Herron 5 years ago 1
I switch back and forth between projects CONSTANTLY.  It's becoming quite frustrating to keep opening my sidebar folders for each project every time I switch back and forth.  I'd love for ST2 to just remember which were open, and when I next open that project restore the sidebar to that state.
Krzysztof Jagiełło 6 years ago • updated by Łukasz Langa 5 years ago 1

I am working with some files encoded in windows-1250 that contain polish characters. And while all other text editors have no problems with showing all the characters right, Sublime Text shows me strange characters.

Besides it would be very nice to see a feature that would allow us to change encoding of files while editing. Something like this

Paul1287 6 years ago • updated by Andrew Murrell 4 years ago 3

Thanks for providing such a powerful and nice source code editor. Being a theoretical physicist I've to write code both in C++ and Fortran. Among many other languages C++ is also supported in Sublime Text 2. But, I've always felt a need for a editor which supports Fortran language along with many useful features like code folding etc. Will it be possible that Sublime Text 2 support for Fortran??

Thanks in advance. 

Best Regards,


ibbles 6 years ago • updated by Mark Evans 4 years ago 6

I would like to be able to increase the width of the completion list. I have a few snippets with not too long descriptions, less than ten words, but even they become unreadable in the completion list. Same goes for the go to file(ctrl+p) result list, which I would also like to be able to move to one of the sides so it obstructs less of the content of the selected file.

Russell Keith-Magee 5 years ago 0
If you do a Find and replace on a single file, you get options to "find", "replace", "find all" and "replace all". This means you can interactively review every replacement that is going to happen in a file.

However, if you do Find and replace across files, you only get "find" and "replace" (which are implicitly "find all" and "replace all"). This means you can't interactively review changes -- you have to make all the possible changes, then go back and review them.
It would be nice if the feature set of find and replace on a single file were also available over multiple files.
Alexey Shevchenko 6 years ago in Plugin announcements • updated by Jon Skinner 5 years ago 4
By right clicking on the file tab. Very useful.
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
You can copy the file path from the context menu in the file
Tingan 5 years ago • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 4
It would be nice if sublime could develop this feature:


I think a lot of people needs it

Thodoris Tsiridis 6 years ago • updated by Maurizio Mangione 6 years ago 1
I would like if Sublime supported Code Hinting for all major languages like JS, HTML, CSS, PHP etc. It's something that is missing.
Chris Leonello 7 years ago • updated by Philip Rosen 5 years ago 21
Implement word completion as is done in Textmate.  Explained best at the Textmate web site (http://manual.macromates.com/en/working_with_text#completion):

"TextMate has a simple yet effective completion function on ⎋ (escape). It will complete the current word based on matches in the current document. If there are multiple matches, you can cycle through these by pressing ⎋ continuously. It is also possible to cycle backwards using ⇧⎋.

The matches are sorted by distance from the caret, meaning candidates which are closer to the caret will be suggested before candidates farther away."

This is an improvement over the current tab-completion because:

  1. The tab key is also used for tabbing.
  2. It cycles continuously.
  3. It is based on nearest matches.

Nicholas Jordon 5 years ago 0

While I love ST2, it just feels incomplete without this. Constantly switching between ST2 and konqueror/putty/etc just seems wasteful. I think having this as a tab in the folder area would work? Additionally built in Git command line (with color, possibly as as a popup?) would be amazing, but I would focus on FTP/SFTP and SSH first.

adzenith 6 years ago • updated by Felipe Prenholato 6 years ago 1

 Textmate grammars have specifiers for where possible folds should begin and end (foldingStartMarker and foldingStopMarker). It would be excellent if these were supported in Sublime Text 2 to make it easy to fold functions etc.

Allen A. Bargi 6 years ago • updated by scout4u 6 years ago 5
I hate this small border radius around selected text. It should have sharp corner or at least let us configure it. 

Asher Max Schweigart 5 years ago • updated by D. Scott Nettleton 5 years ago 1
As of the first non-beta release, text drag and drop was added.
It works for me in Windows, but in Linux it does not.
I am running Fedora 17 KDE spin, 64bit. 
Rob Miller 6 years ago • updated by Matthijs van der Vleuten 5 years ago 1

Natural sorting (i.e. 1, 2, 7, 10, 11, rather than 1, 10, 11, 2, 7) would be a real plus in the project pane.
U.N. 6 years ago • updated by Felix Lange 6 years ago 2

Currently, "find" with "whole word" option enabled doesn't allow to match php variables ($var) and some of ruby variables (@var, @@var) (if the whole variable is searched ("$var"), not the alphanumeric part ("var")). I do kindly request a way to make these match, possibly involving the accordingly adjusted word_separators list.

For the details as to how and why I tried to deal with a similar scenario in a plugin, please see https://github.com/SublimeText/WordHighlight/pull/2

lanzz 6 years ago • updated by Manuel Meurer 5 years ago 1
When you create a new project, add a folder (or several) to it, and try to save it, the initial location in the "Save Project As" dialog is some left-over location from a previous "open file" or "save as" action, which is rarely related in any way to a new project. It would be more useful if the initial save location in the dialog is the first folder added to the project, or a common parent folder of all folders in the project perhaps? As it is at the moment, I usually have to climb up from a deep location inside a very-unrelated other project or start from my home and climb down to the project.

OSX 10.6.8, ST2 build 2139
jleequeen 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 5 years ago 3
Some people may like it, but I really hate the FILES being at the top of the sidebar, because it's a waste.  I know you can collapse it, but it's really a turn off.  It's open by default, and for me, it serves no purpose.  I know what files I have open in the tab bar.  Is there a way I can turn this off?
Jon Skinner 6 years ago
Added in 2111
Greg Elliott 5 years ago • updated by Pekk 5 years ago 4
r is currently implemented, but R is not (replace many characters). this is a super useful command when you're changing out numbers (say, 309 to 410).
iconv 6 years ago 0

First, Tools->Build Results->Show Build Results menu item does nothing if those are present. It should change name to 'Hide Build Results'.

Second, it would be better to move this under View menu since most Show/Hide items are already there.

Tadeusz Łazurski 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 3
ST2 is great and this is great:  http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/19274-theming-of-the-sidebar/ 

But is it possible to change top menu color as well. It distracts me in distraction free mode :P