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Anyway of having the sidebar show up when focus is moved to it, and disappear when not?
Also, any way of switching the Crtl+0 for Escape?

Found this application today called wunderlist. It's very well designed and notice the detail: besides Cmd+N it uses Cmd+T for the same action.

This is just a exemple of how much Cmd+T is connected with the NEW something action (tab in most browsers).

We are discussing the design of the GUI

You understood correctly :) 

There should probably be an option to show indentation controls on the gutter for people who use messy code style.. or which don't like indentation guides..

I strongly believe it is a good idea to use the indentation guides as GUI folding elements instead of taking up space in the gutter.

It is also easier to perceive the block of code which is being fold.

It wasn't zen coding. It's the html expansion which seems like zen coding.

It is broken by the way. 

Without ZenCoding, type div.foo#bar and expand.

It doesn't work like ZenCoding is supposed to.