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I can only guess that an option to disable this shouldn't take much time to add.
If that is the case, I think this should be a priority considering the number of votes
This is true. One would except the files to come from the left, not from the right.
The best would be really for them to unfold from the directory, but I can imagine problems on folders with too many files.

Either way, this is not a cosmetic issue nor personal taste.
The animation reduces the usability because it causes motion sickness and increases the time it takes to read the list. It doesn't even accomplishes well the objective of looking good, since the animation is strange.

The current animation should be replaced either by unfold from top, left or fade in.
I will vote also for an option to disable the animation completely u.

Nevermind, I found it: ~/Library/Application%20Support/Sublime%20Text%202/Packages/Default/Base%20File%20(OSX).sublime-settings

In any case, there should be a menu item for this or at least a mention about this in the Normal Defaults
I understand. 

The workflow usually is to scan the default file preferences file for interesting settings, and copy the ones which need to be changed to the user file preferences.
If the settings set in the default's, might be overridden by OSX specific defaults, and there is no indication of that on the preferences file, neither a entry on the preferences menu, it can cause confusion and misconfiguration.
It's quite deceiving.

In the meanwhile, where can I find the OSX specific defaults file?