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Sublime, lime, get it...haha.
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In the Goto Anything bar, leave the previous search, but selected, so you can amend your previous search, but also start a brand-new search.
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Something like Coda, which could put a preview of our code in the tab.

Not what could look a webpage, just a preview of the whole code. It makes the user experience better.

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Households to claim green energy grants

South Ayrshire householders could claim up to £1200 to install green energy upgrades to their homes.

The Green Homes Cash back scheme, managed by the EnergySaving Trust, means each South Ayrshire household could be eligible for the funding towards installing a new boiler, insulation or other energy efficiency measures.

Energy Saving Trust figures show 31 per cent of Scots householders have an interest in installing double glazing, 37 per cent are interested in fitting insulation to their home and 22 per cent would consider investing in a new energy efficient boiler.

Mike Thornton, Director, Energy Saving Trust in Scotland, said: “The Green Homes Cash back scheme gives grants to South Ayrshire householders who invest to make their home – and Scotland – a greener place to live. The scheme is also open to people who rent property, as long as they have their landlord’s permission.

“And anyone who submits a claim through the scheme before 31 December 2013 will also receive up to £150 towards the cost of the assessment through which applicable measures are recommended, making this a great time to put in insulation or upgrade your heating system.”

The Scottish Government’s Green Homes  Cash back scheme lets householders claim: up to £500 for insulation measures including loft, cavity or solid wall; up to £400 to replace an old boiler and up to £300 for other measures (such as glazing, LED lighting and heating controls).

Mr. Thornton added: “A great example of how this money could be used is loft insulation – the £500 cash back could pay for the entire cost of fitting the insulation to an average three-bed semi, which can save householders up to £180 a year on their heating bills.

“They say you don’t get something for nothing, but the cash back scheme really is money in the bank for those installing energy efficiency measures.”

Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said: “It is our belief that everyone in Scotland should live in a warm and safe home that doesn’t cost the earth to heat. Rising energy bills are a huge concern for this government, and fuel poverty is an absolute scandal in an energy rich country like Scotland. I would urge anyone who would like to reduce their energy bills to contact Home Energy Scotland hotline from the Scottish Government on 0808 808 2282 or visit homeenergyscotland.org as soon as possible to find out more.

Related Stories : http://www.yelp.com/biz/crown-capital-eco-management-indonesia-fraud-nieder%C3%B6sterreich 


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The user settings files are very useful, however, copying them over to a new system is slightly more difficult than it could be because settings files, themes, packages and many items included by default with the application are in folders together.

I suggest having a plugins/themes/settings folder with the application files that only includes what comes with the application as standard, then putting all of the user customisable items into a support folder. This could follow the tradition of being "~/.sublimedata" like programs such as Vim, Git, Subversion and many others.

This means that the program itself, and all the user customization can be managed completely separately and the user can more easily bring in all of their settings and additions they have made to the program.

Note, this idea is an expansion on http://sublimetext.userecho.com/feedback/25354-search/ but it is for a different purpose and different enough to warrant its own post.
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when i open a portal.log of tomcat\liferay instances i read a series of hex number and not the correct content of file
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say i'm in a class..
class awesome : public awesomer {
              int                 function()
If I type "int<tab>" it starts cycling through int types... this drives me *crazy* because Sublime Text 2 won't let me put tab characters after data types.
Chad Crowell 6 years ago • updated by Dominique Guardiola Falco 5 years ago 1
I use CSS Edit to edit CSS files. It would be great to be able to right click on a CSS file in the tree and choose "Open with CSS Edit". Of course, in the preferences, users would be able to define if they want an external editor for file types.
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It will be lot easier if we can view image in the software itself . Instead of going to containing folder to view the image ... 

Jeff Schwartz 5 years ago • updated by Joe Maller 5 years ago 1

Seems odd that st2 still doesn't have this. 

Nickolay Hodyunya 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 1
Nico Graff 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
When I type the < character in the beginning of a line, sublime crashes. This happens mostly within text blocks.

For example: open an new tab, paste a lorem ipsum text block, go to the beginning of the line and type <. My Sublime crashes every time.

I use Win 7 and Sublime 2 Beta 2181
Stanley Friel 4 years ago 0
SAINT JOHN, N.B. – Consumers are encouraged to learn how to spend smart and spend safe during Fraud Prevention Month. The Financial and Consumer Services Commission is providing resources to New Brunswickers to help.

"Whether you are shopping at the mall or making purchases online, you should be looking at how you can spend smartly and safely," said Andrew Nicholson, director of education and communications with the commission. "During March, we will be offering tips and free resources to help empower you to make the right financial decisions, no matter where or how you are spending your money."

Commission staff will be available at several home shows, scam jams and presentations around the province during the month. The schedule is online.

"Sometimes we need a reminder to think twice before handing over our hard-earned money," said Nicholson. "Protecting your money can be as easy as asking questions about return policies before you buy or checking the licence or registration of someone selling you insurance or investments. We can take small, but important, steps to protect ourselves."

Each week of the month has a theme reflecting the activities taking place:

– March 8 – International Women's Day event: Pathways to Empowerment, Delta Brunswick Hotel, 39 King St., Saint John.

– March 11 – Too Good To Be True Day. New Brunswickers will be encouraged to use the hashtag #2Good2BTrue to get tips and information from Fraud Prevention Forum members across Canada on recognizing and avoiding frauds and scams. Follow the commission on Twitter: @4NBInvestors.

– March 19 – Check Registration Day. New Brunswickers will be encouraged to check the registration of their financial adviser. Checking registration is a quick and easy first step you can take to protect your investments. Scam jams are scheduled in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton this week.

The commission encourages New Brunswickers to take the time now to improve their financial health. Find free tools and resources on spending and saving, investing, insurance, pensions and more online.

The Financial and Consumer Services Commission regulates, educates and protects consumers and investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices. It brings together regulatory authorities for securities, insurance, pensions, consumer affairs, co-operatives, credit unions, caisses populaires and loan and trust companies. It is an arm's-length Crown corporation funded by the fees and assessments paid by the regulated sectors.

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(Just a little thing) In this PHP code: "String::uuid()" the "String" part gets highlighted as a typecast. Only (string)/(String)/(STRING) shold be highlighted this way.
Sander 5 years ago 0
the date_parse_from_format function is not highlighted correctly in the PHP language:

Example: http://i.imgur.com/mxxpx.png

Einar Boson 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
When I press cmd and '+' the font size increases like I expect, but it does so in both sublime windows I have open. I keep them on different screens which have different resolutions and would love for them to be able to have differently sized fonts to compensate. Now one of them has too small or too big text.
Thodoris Tsiridis 6 years ago 0

Hi, I have Sublime TagMatcher installed and now I get these red boxes instead of the green circles that I used to get before. I got this problem when I updated to version 2113
chendo 6 years ago 0
Switching between groups either via the menu or the keyboard shortcut does not update the title bar and the draggable file handle.
Mark Hahn 6 years ago 0

I'm new to sublime and I can't get the user settings to work.  I know I'm using the correct file because it checks syntax when I save it.  I'm bringing up the file with "Global Settings - User" menu in preferences.

My file contents follow.  None of the options do anything ...

{ "highlight_modified_tabs": true, "tab_completion": true, "wrap_width": 100, "word_separators": "./\\()\"'-:,.;<>~!@#%^&*|+=[]{}`~?", "rulers": [100], "highlight_line": true, "match_brackets_angle": true, "default_line_ending": "unix"}

I'm on Windows vista and build 2126.

------------------------ EDIT --------------------------
When I moved them to the FILE settings instead of Global they worked.  Am I going to have to make these edits for every file?  What is the right way to do this?
U.N. 6 years ago 0

Not sure if it is a bug, but when rendering text with `DejaVu Sans Mono` (and pretty much any other font, which is not "crisp") and using grayscale hinting under Windows XP, the letters appear to be lighter and bleaker, than in, say, Netbeans, Notepad++, Firefox, using the same font family, size and color.

At first I thought it has something to do with DPI I use (106 currently), but it appeared not to be the case (besides, the font is rendered of the same size, just lighter).