Find function doesn't work consistently

Ryan Rizzio 8 ár síðan updated by jan otte 8 ár síðan 1

I notice that when using FIND within sublime text, I can put in a word and it will not be found. I could be looking at the word "image" in my code and using find comes up with nothing. The selected text option is NOT checked either.

I have never seen this happen and it seems quite odd.

Most problems I ever see people having are related to the having selected 'match case' or 'regEx' or some other settings without realising.

I take it when you mention the 'selected text' option that you mean that NONE of the search modifiers are enabled?

If all the modifiers are disable then perhaps the word you want is before the cursor and you have 'wrap' disabled?

There are so many ways to make simple mistake that would fully explain what you are reporting without any bug being demonstrated that you will have to deal with each and all of them before your issue can be treated as a report of a bug.

Assuming that is true then some more details are going to be required to address your problem

What version of ST?

What OS?

What type of file?

What is the exact search criteria (including any modifiers) being used?


If you write code for money then you must be aware of what you need from a user to track down a bug. You need to supply that here.