Make "subl +77 file.c" a valid syntax for opening file.c at line 77

elfchief 4 aastat tagasi 0

I understand that the user can do "subl file.c:77", but the standard for editors on unix is to do the "subl +77 file.c" form. Not having this makes Sublime Text not a drop-in editor replacement on unix boxes (and OSX).

One good example of where this is painful: A very common operation (at least in my circles!) is to view a file with 'less' and then hit 'v' to edit if something needs changing. less will use the EDITOR environmental variable (which I have set to "subl") to open the file at the current line, using the +format

Literally every other editor I've used on unix over the past 25 years has supported this format... it would be really awesome if my editor of choice could also use it.