Setting Mark (as in EMACS)

Pratyush Mittal hace 10 años actualizado por Jon Skinner hace 10 años 6
EMACS has the option of setting a mark using CTRL + Space (mainly used for selecting/highlighting text).
The same is helpful for easy selection/highlighting of text when coupled with customized key-bindings. Thus not requiring to move to arrow keys or requiring mouse.


Added in build 2027
There is a plugin for this, which I have adapted to work with ST2. You can find it on GitHub: https://github.com/stiang/EmacsKillRing
Thanks Stian, that should do the work. I am loving Sublime Text for its sexy yet powerful GUI.
Oh. Can you explain me, is it really comfortably? So, i dont think so.
It isn't helpful for "easy selecting", also "with coupled with custon keys".
You can use easier way - shift+arrows. It's easier, than pressing c-spc with selecting using arrows. It's really faster.
So, i want to say just one thing: dont keep bad practise thing like this one. Emacs, like some of vim, key-bindigs and some features are bad things, really bad.
I love KillRing, but i hate "Windows Manager" feature and key-bindings.
Denis, I like to keep my fingers at the home keys, which is the basic purpose of EMACS key bindings (i.e. using PNBF over arrow keys). Some hate it, some love it - and none of them are wrong as long as their code is right :) .

Thanks for correcting the typos.
Implemented in the latest dev build 2024.
Thanks a lot Tstrokes,
the latest build is really awesome. Loved all the changes made including: Single Instance Support, Set as mark option, Screen Centering...etc.
Thumbs up,
Added in build 2027