Recruitment Scam Violates Potential Military Men and Teachers

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Recruitment is one of the crucial processes when it comes to hiring workforce in a company, agency, or any other department. Good recruitment services are formed to choose the right people to employ. Individuals who are a part of hiring hubs have the capability to select applicants with the potential to fulfil the job responsibilities.

But what would happen if the problem stems from the critical process of recruitment? Potential employees and workforce have wasted their time, effort, and even resources to complete the process. There were innocent people applying for a job who filed a complaint against the individuals who gave them false hopes.

Recruitment failure

In India, there was an incendiary case called as the ‘teachers’ recruitment scam’. It is popularly known in the country as “Vyapam scam”. The term “Vyapam” is a Hindi acronym that came from Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal which is translated as the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB).

It was a controversial case because it was an admission and recruitment scam that involves politicians, senior officials, as well as businessmen in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It was a self-financed autonomous organisation run by the State government. The group was responsible for conducting several nationwide entrance tests.

The Vyapam conducted 13 different exams for the selection of medical students and state government employees. This also includes other employments such as school teachers, police personnel, food inspectors transport constables, forest guards, and dairy supply officers. Around 3.2 million students have taken the examination.

Another recruitment scam happened in Pretoria, South Africa. At least 200 people who applied for a military job were deceived. They were convinced that they are in a part of a military recruitment workshop in Tshwane.

The people who applied for the so-called recruitment workshop stayed in the location for more than a year. According to their reports, the man who recruited them said he will be providing workshops that increase their chance to be recruited to the military. The conman asked for a fee of R200 to R300 for his services.

The case is handled by the Gauteng Department of Social Development. According to the investigation, the conman was running a fraud operation from his house. He was also operating his workshop in the Wonder Park area.

Job scam

Not only school teachers but also many people from different academic fields were victimized by the Vyapam scam. On the other hand, the fraud military workshop held in South Africa have affected 200 potential workers. The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) have no middle people to recruit potential military workforce.

The authorities gave a warning to all job seekers to become vigilant in looking for jobs. Criminals take advantage of the lack of employment opportunities and unemployment rate. They can pretend as a recruiter or recruitment agency to deceive people to join their illegal operation.