Not a bug
Mark Gray 6 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 6 years ago 2
Fix the error where you end up with two cursors and anything you write or delete is deleted two places.
I believe what you are describing is actually a key differentiating feature of Sublime Text. Ctrl-clicking will get you multiple cursors which you can then use to make simultaneous edits. Hitting Esc will get you back to a single cursor.

Try these multi cursor tricks:

Highlight some text or cursor over a word that appears multiple times in a document, then press Ctrl-D repeatedly (or Alt-F3 once). Now edit them all at once.

Highlight a paragraph, then use Selection->Split Into Lines to get one cursor/selection per line. Now hit Home a couple times and start typing to prefix all the lines simultaneously with text.

This also works in concert with the Ctrl-F find function (Find All) and functions as a sort of "live" search-and-replace.

Just experiment, I think you will find many time-saving uses for this functionality, though it does take a bit to rewire your brain accordingly.

Oh, this is embarrassing then :). It must be my fat fingers that made the feature into a bug. I'll give your suggestions a try. Thanks!