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I wish use programming ligatures font like FiraCode in Sublime improve visual performance.

But haven't found the way.


Download "Fira Font" from https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode

Install it on your System

open Sublime

Go to User Setting

Insert this line -> "font_face":"Fira Code",


No, currently sublime text doesn't support ligatures, it's also clearly written in "FiraCode" page


i just installed it in sublime-text 3 and it works just fine!


Which build of sublime-text 3 are you using? I haven't seen anything related to ligatures in the release notes, and I tried this without any luck on the latest build available from the st3 website, 3114.


Agreed, tested Fira Code in 3114 and it does not work as expected.

For others wanting to know the difference, here is an example image:

If you use windows, the basic Notepad.exe editor supports ligatures so you can see the differences there.


It does not work for me either (not in 3103 nor in 3114) !!! (BTW I am on Ubuntu Linux)


Paid user here, legitimately considering moving to Atom for this feature.

It boggles my mind that notepad.exe supports a feature my ultra-high-tech swiss army knife of a text editor does not. Please consider this feature in future releases, don't leave it dangling as an incentive to switch to your free competition.


And I have now moved to Visual Studio Code ( code.visualstudio.com ) for this and other reasons. Don't regret my purchase, got several years out of Sublime, but VSC has support for ligatures and so much more.

  • Speed on par with Sublime
  • Live markdown preview
  • Integrated terminal including curses support
  • Better git support than the best Sublime addon
  • Integrated debugger spanning everything from C++ to Golang to C# (including Unity3D) to Chrome/Firefox/Edge
  • FOSS and available on all the same platforms as Sublime/Atom.

Am now recommending VSC to all my friends and coworkers who were on the fence about buying a Sublime license.


As stupid as this sounds I just really love the way sublime looks and the tooling is good enough. I just really want ligatures and I would have no other complaints. I could not get over the fact that the sidebar and "chrome" of vs code can't be themed.


Last time I checked, VSC still doesn't support multiple cursors or multi-select (what Ctrl+D does in ST). This is a major bummer. Also, VSC takes longer to load. Not to mention half the time it needs to update itself. I want to write code, not watch a product update itself everytime I want to type something.

But hey, whatever works for you!


It absolutely does support multi cursor.


I'm sorry to rudely interrupt your sleep, but it does. Besides, if you have to "watch" your editor update itself, you probably should stop writing code on your Nokia 3310. And has VSC *ever* forced you to update anything?

If you think that not having multi-select is worse than not having an integrated terminal and debugging support and find-all-replace, then you are too lazy to write code.

Sorry for engaging you on your level.


Paid user here, too. I can't believe this hasn't gotten any more traction from the app developers than it has. Also a great a reason to make sure nobody else I know throws $70 out the door on a license.

When it's past being moderated, see my above reply to myself. Switching to Visual Studio Code because it's surprisingly good.


Look at this entitled bitch. Spent $70 and thinks he owns the world.

Newsflash: most people just want to write code efficiently and don't care about useless features like this


If linux terminal and windows notepad can support ligatures, but an advanced modern test editor like sublime doesn't, it makes us doubt the word "modern" used for that editor.

Right, and what worries me is precisely that, ST is, with no doubts, a modern and efficient text editor. What I can think is: maybe it's hard to integrate this because of "python reasons" or, maybe they're just delaying the feature for some other reason. Anyway, common sense tell us all (no matter what editor we use/like) that ST should support this because, as you said, even the (excuse my word) crappy win notepad can do it, goddammit!


I would like to be able to use this on ST3, but some people here are going on like it's apocalyptic? Go on and use Atom if you are so-inclined. We'll see some of you again soon :'D


Atom is too slow, but I've since moved on to Visual Studio Code because it's amazing. :)


Well, VS Code is also based on JS and the same framework that Atom is built on. They sap battery power like it's going out of fashion. And they struggle with large files. Sublime Text is light on power, heavy on features and mature. To me, it is the Ferrari of editors.


When the Ferrari struggles with basic features like font rendering, embedded terminals, and doesn't even have a debugger, maybe it's time to switch to the generic pickup to get real work done.


Hahaha! I suppose we have had different needs. I have no problem using my system's terminal. And font rendering? I install a good theme (subjective) and get on with work. What I do care for are speed and configurability.

To each their own.


Forget everything I said. I switched to Atom once more and it is a convincing alternative, with a package ecosystem to reckon with. Especially at that price 😁

So yes, you were right.


I'm a paid user who would also like to get this feature a lot. Hope i'll have the possibility to use these fonts soon!


3k votes and no determination of the support part


3k votes and no determination of the support part

I started think Sublime Text is abandoned :(


I agree that is a little disappointing not having ligatures... but from that to say it is abandoned...:


It's hard to see this editor getting older and not implementing some new cool features like font ligatures and so many others proposed by the community.

Ok, I made a mistake when said it's "abandoned".

PLEASE support font ligatures!


Is there any position of the Sublime Text team about the implementation of this feature in the next builds? Is there a date for us to expect this update?


Would be nice to get at least any kind of official feedback regarding that issue. Really missing that font feature in ST.


Seriously, please add this feature. I don't like any other editor, and I'm not planning to switch to another. Why can't you just add this? We can't even do it by ourselves because of the closed source


works fine for me on Linux build 3126


Well yes the font works, it's the ligatures we are asking for....

Hey, can i ask. What desktop environment you use, looking very cool !

Looks like Budgie to me

I think as coders / prosumers we become a little jaded. Like little arrows vs => is actually going to impact code execution. That said given how mature sublime is im wondering what the actual reason is behind it not having support... i mean if other text editors can do it?


It's a matter of paying $70 for something, (which is totally cheap for a tool I'm in 12+ hours a day, I don't regret the purchase) and then seeing the FOSS equivalent AND the OS built-in both support this helpful feature that my paid tool doesn't. You know? But I've been having a great time in VS Code so it's all good.

F*ing come on already! It has been nine months and nothing happened? I also switched to Atom for a short time, but it just was too slow.


Try Visual Studio Code, it's open source, free, and multiplatform and does so much cool stuff.


Tried it, but it was almost as slow as Atom on my not-exactly-new machines and also chugged RAM for breakfast.

I'm giving up on ligatures for now, because ultimately having a fast and lean tool is more important than bells and whistles. But I hope they add it soon.


I tired to post this two weeks ago but it's still waiting for moderation...




Guys come on this is getting ridiculous. Add ligature support so we don't have to use another editor to use them.


Guys, it's just stylish minor detail, fancy thing, nothing that someone can consider "production blocker". IMHO they just scrumble code even more. ST is not USA election, it's just helper to see what is missing not "the bigger score wins"


ligatures dont work for me on ST3 build 3126 :(


I find the absence of any input from the dev/devs here quite disconcerting. Given the almost 5,000 votes this has received, I feel like (especially as a paid user) it's not too much to ask for them to, at the very least, say "no, we're not going to do this."

I've been using Visual Studio code and i do not miss Sublime Text. And yes I was wrong, the avility to run a terminal in the editor is very good for productivity. Why don't you make the switch?

As fate would have it, I just installed it. The bigger problem here, though, is that I've got a product that:
  • I've been using for several years and generally meets all my needs
  • I have a lot of investment in (custom tooling [i.e. time], license [i.e. money])
  • I've paid for, and can't even get a comment from a product owner on a support thread with nearly 5k upvotes

Generally, it's a good, extensible editor that does what I need and want it to do. This is one feature that I would like to have and don't feel like it's to much to ask for a member/owner of the project to at least comment on the issue.

On the other hand, perhaps that should be the very reason which causes me to ditch it and never look back.


I've been using Visual Studio code and i do not miss Sublime Text. And yes I was wrong, the ability to run a terminal in the editor is very good for productivity. Why don't you make the switch?


I'm on arch linux with xfce terminal configured in drop down mode, why would i need an integrated terminal when it's merely a hotkey press away at all times?


For example, in Visual Studio Code I can run commands in the integrated terminal, set a breakpoint in my code and debug - all at the same time, without having to switch contexts between the code, emulator, terminal and whatever else I happen to be running. It gives me a good overview of everything that's going on without me having to switch back and forth.

But hey, that's just me. Your paying users are clearly trying to communicate a shortcoming that they see in your product.


My 2 cents? I switched to Atom just because of the ligatures, used for a couple of months, now I'm back to ST. Pretty cool, but no big deal. ST is way smoother on my computers (home & work). Would like see it working on ST, but it isn't a "game change" feature, at least not for me anymore.


I'm a little disappointed when I found out that Sublime doesn't support ligatures.

It doesn't matter that much since Sublime is smooth and with loads of useful plugins, However this should really be implemented.


Any plans to support ligatures?


I's surprising that Sublime Text 3 doesn't support ligatures yet…


Please support ligature and I'll purchase a license.


support ligatures please! my eyes suddenly started to hurt!

no… really typography is one of the most important things in our way of communication, a app like sublime used by billions of professionals should support it.


I woke up this and thought Sublime Text had ligatures but then I realized it was just a dream. Maybe one day Fira Code and Sublime Text will meet and it will change the world. In any event, I love my Sublime Text and the only way you will take it away from me is from my cold dead hands.


Please ad ligature support to sublime text! (Paid user)

I too would like to see this feature. I would also like to see support for variable-width fonts (which almost work now, except that the indentation markers on the left side are drawn in the wrong place). If I'm staring at something 8 hours a day, I sure want it to look nice! :)

I'd love to see ligatures

Would be great, please !

Any news on that ?


Please add ligature support.


Oh yes! Please add ligature support


Was this ever acknowledged ? This whole thread sadly feels like months and months of useless spam :/

What are the odds this is a feature of Sublime Text 4, a paid upgrade?


I wouldn't mind that personally, Sublime Text is well worth its price tag.


Any luck with this? Don't ignore us! -goes away dramatically-


I think the team is saying right now "they're really anoying, just let them going crazy"... Now, seriously, guys, at least an honest response would be something, at least a "we won't add this because it's against our philosophy", something...


Perhaps coincidentally, the new website supports ligatures. ("files")


They are taunting us.


Build 3143 - huge update. But no ligatures.