Brian Adams 6 years ago • updated by redwards 4 years ago 10
When recording a macro it would help if it also recorded F3 (finds).  I frequently need to find a token (like and underscore) and delete everything before it.
I agree with this, but I would request that find and replace should be recorded as well (especially including RegEx support)!
Seconding this. Macro-recording search and replace operations is actually my most common desired use of the macro recording feature.
As a TextMate user I thought it was a must have feature, disappointed that it isn't already in Sublime Text.

Yow! I'm surprised this isn't in Sublime. Macro recording should record everything that happens in the buffer.In short, it should record sublime.log_commands(1) and play them back.


Zoiks. Completely agree. As powerful as ST2 is it's a little surprising to bump into these scenarios

Going back to ... Emacs :-)


It's simply not acceptable to pay for an editor not offering this functionality, it's really a shame and even more shocking they did not fix that yet. I deeply regret my choice.


I would not have paid for a license if I'd realized macros couldn't do find/replace.


Please fix this!

I have to work around not having it daily. It's incredibly frustrating and slows me down a significant amount.

I come from textmate but have been using sublime for a year now. I thought I'd find another tool to do what I accomplish with record macro + search, but I haven't.

Please do fix!


I still use ST because of Linux support.  But after months using ST I still use Notepad++ on Windows for heavy editing.  Search is macros is the biggest impediment to using ST.  I'd rather use just one editor but ST isn't it yet.