Nikolai Ilushko 4 years ago • updated by Eyal Teutsch 1 year ago 4

Please add   BDO/BIDI/RTL support because arabic and hebrew are now not supported.

this is very hard to develop in sublime when what you write is reversed in the editor.

As a temporary solution, there is a plugin for Sublimetext2 on github at https://github.com/praveenvijayan/Sublime-Text-2-BIDI

But it is not working on Sublimetext3 :(

We need ARABIC support, come on, this is not a feature to be missed in SublimeText 3!

It would be nice to see Sublime on Linux supporting RTL languages. I am sure there are plenty of people here who would love to lend a hand with testing.

Greatly missing some RTL support in sublime 3 - text is indeed still reversed as is shown in the screen shot