derek wood 5 years ago • updated by Tom Kelly 5 years ago 2
i want you so bad... but i need 2 things - before we can be together:  

1. preview in browser button and commands ... (multiple browsers)  

2.  preview in sublime... with a refresh on save... like bbedit...

PLEASE !  it would be sooo easy for you !  I am so confused - why wont you meet me half way ?
While this is a pretty good idea, I think it is mistaken to believe it would be "sooo easy" to implement. Particularly your second request. It should be doable, but there are a lot of issues to think about with respect to properly embedding a browser component/view inside ST2 itself.

I imagine it will come in time, but have patience :)

quick note: check out plugins. Many for LiveReload, many for open in browser. check youtube for ways to write a command yourself. I am looking for something that actually gives a preview IN Sublime, but I don't think it exists. Need to open in the browser to keep up with latest browsers...