Brad Gessler 7 years ago • updated by Jon Skinner 7 years ago 2
On a mac, build 2036, when I save a new file it assumes a .txt extension and asks if I'm sure I want to use a file extension that's not .txt. Forcing a .txt is a bit presumptious since most folks are saving .txt files with different extensions (like Ruby .rb files for example).

Screenshot https://skitch.com/bradgessler/rughc/sublime-text-2

Also, when I type in Cmd + A for the file name, I get an audible bell warning.
I agree. This is very annoying. I played with the application settings and it looks like there is no way to change the default behavior. It always assumes .txt as the extension for new files created within the app. At the moment touching files outside of the app, and opening them. This work around shouldn't be necessary.
This is resolved in the current dev build, and will make its way into the normal alpha in this weeks version