YongSung Yoon 4 years ago • updated by Torresdyl 4 months ago 5
Sublime Text 2 Windows version seems not to handle IME(Input method editor) message on Windows. If the application doesn't handle these windows messages, whenever user input any characters like Korean, Japanese and Chinese, small square box appears left top corner of the screen and it's very eyesore and uncomfortable. Actually handling these messages is not difficult. You can accomplish this with just < 100 lines code. I really hope that Sublime handling these soon.
I have the same issue here.  Display of Japanese is not an issue, but not being able to use an IME inline makes it very difficult to input.  A screencap of the problem: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/74948232/sublime_ime_error.jpg

Just need to handle few more messages in editing area:


Please fix it.


I also report similar(same?) issue on MacOSX lion.

Kana to Kanji conversion is interrupted when hitting tab key.
In Kana to Kanji conversion mode, by hitting tab key, user can determine the choice from multiple suggestions. But SublimeText2 seems grabbing the key stroke handlings from Japanese Input Methods. As a result, the conversion is interrupted and the characters are gone, unexpectedly.

It's reproduced on Google Japanese Input, and probably also on Kotoeri and Atok which I don't confirm..

Would definitely be nice to see this fixed.
Hi guys, I cannot find this plugin in ST3 build 3083 in `Package Controll`. It doesn't exist for ST3 or it's just me?
I tried download the package in Github and change extension to `.sublime-package` and put it in `Package` folder, no use.