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Something that i dont see in other editors i think. 

Have i missed something because i havent checked thoroghly, but if a tail -f mode (i would imagine this to be a read only function) , combined with the side bar would be the most awesome feature to myself and to the  millions of unix support engineers. 
All the best and good luck

That would be very useful indeed.

+1 - really nice feature to have 


What's wrong with having tail -f running in a terminal window next to Sublime Text? I don't get this idea that the same program must do absolutely everything. Do we want Sublime Text to be the new Emacs?

There is no sensible tail -f for Windows.

And searching from plain tail output is a pain, having the same text inside Sublime Text would allow us to use its powerful search tools on the tailed file.

Cygwin or MSYS maybe?


I refuse to disagree, but the use case is simply "poll the file automatically" rather than "poll on focus" if a follow flag is set for the buffer.


yes you can have a tail -f running in a terminal , good for you , go for it, tickle yourself to death with it even :) 

BUT i'm not looking for an more integrated alternative solution as i already know about using a terminal window, and all the tail command switches as everyone who can read this thread i imagine. 

But to have a function like this in a document window, with syntax highlighting and easily scrollable using the side map view is a feature that would probably sell the product better. 

My question to the forum was have this functionality included in the next version as a nice to have.

For you to basically come here and say "whats the point , we can do this instead" is not in the true flavour of helping to make a good piece of software better.  

I dont remember writing "sublime text does not have a tail -f function" can anyone help me with an alternative workaround ?

Any ways I posted this  7 + months back and it seems to be drawing some positive attention to a few people so every one if you agree with me write something here. 

If you do not have something positive to say on it then go do something else.

Absolutely need a tail function.

There is baretail or a few others that kinda work but I'd like ot be able to use sublime to do this as well. I already use it to look at large log files and this is the one missing function I need to be an awesome system tool

I am interested to have this function in sublime. Currently what I do is tail in cmd and copy the whole thing to sublime. =(

I think this is very useful. There is an "alpha" project called SublimeTail, but I haven't tried it out yet.

One thing that I think would be nice: In linux, the tail command simply echoes new text that is appended to a file to STDOUT. All of the Windows tail applications that I can find seem to just reload file changes in the background, producing an "approximate" tail alternative. However, I often want to monitor large log files on another machine over a network connection. If you load up a few large files, it seems to bring other Windows solutions to a standstill. (Baretail, Hoo WinTail, Tail32 for WIndows.) Sometimes the files take 30 seconds to load, and transfer the entire file constantly in the background, saturating the network.

This may be, in part, a limitation of SMB, but I should think there would be a way for an application to echo just new lines added to a file in the background, without transferring the entire file for a reload.

Maybe just wishful thinking, but I know that it would make my job a whole lot easier...

baretail does this in windows very well and handles very large  files also if you google around you will find a windows powershell script that does the same.