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I've seen that is already implemented for Windows (http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/48628-hideshow-menu-bar-shortcut/), but this is not the case on Linux (at least not here). Could you add a setting to disable, or add a shortcut to toggle the menu bar?
Or at least change it's color. I've just put a separate question for that.
I just installed SublimeText2 on my Arch setup, and the bar is annoying me in my tiled window manager (i3)... I wonder how I didn't notice it in Ubuntu.

It's a real lack!!

I'm using ST2 on Windows and Linux and Linux version is less Sublime because of that!

In distraction free it's disturbing and distracting!!

In Distraction Free Mode the menu bar is annoying and should not be there. Please fix it!

I would this very useful, and it would be a great feature

I'm shocked I can't hide the menu bar on Linux (ubuntu 12.04).

This must be some kind of bug (a huge one!!).

Please fix this soon,

thank you.


not a huge bug but would be nice. I'm using a tiling window manager also (xmonad) and it really makes extra UI elements stick out.


+1 .. completely throws off distraction free mode..


I would also love to see this. I've been attempting to migrate from windows to Linux, but little things like this are holding me back!


 Little up here. It's one of the thing that is bugging me the most when using Sublime Text, it's really disturbing when using the distraction free mode. I'd really love to see this feature implemented for Linux too in the next nightly.


Hi guys, 

I managed to find a simple solution for Linux users who use Gnome3, Cinnamon or other Gnome based desktop.

If you are using Gnome3, you can get a global menu like the one in Unity, and you will not see the menu bar on the top. See the instructions here: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/09/get-global-menu-in-gnome-shell.html 

If you are using Cinnamon (like I do), the things are a little bit more complicated, as there is no global menu for Cinnamon. So, open the link above, and complete the first 4 steps (downloading and compiling global menu). From this point, you can hide the menu for all your GTK apps (not recommended from my point of view) by pasting this line into your terminal:

extern GTK_MODULES=globalmenu-gtk

The better alternative is to hide the menu bar only for sublime text, so you can open sublime text using this command:

GTK_MODULES=globalmenu-gtk /usr/lib/sublime-text-2/sublime_text

(I installed Sublime Text through ppa, this is why I have this path, but in case you just downloaded it, replace /usr/lib/sublime-text-2/sublime_text with the path to the executable)

It is easier to create an executable with this command, so you don't have to paste it all the time. For example, I created two executables for Sublime Text, one that opens it with the menu bar, and the other one that opens it without the menu bar.

The instructions from webupd8 don't work if you're using Gnome Shell 3.6+... the extension doesn't compile.

this does not allow you to press alt to show the menu bar like on windows, without that, even if i was using gnome (shudder to think), it would not be useful


 Agree with commenters. Show/hide or maybe color shoul be configurable.


Please add this feature! It would be especially amazing if you could integrate with Gnome Shell's app menu.

pidgin-guiops used hack to hide menu in pidgin conversation window. 

It's open source and you can see how they made it.

I post this query on forum, but haven't got any answer yet.

Technology is easy. You can set menu widget height to 1px.

Here is result:
Window with menu
Window without menu
But really it's 1px menu!

Can you please tell me your window decorator theme name

Programmatically, this could easily be solved by employing gtk_widget_show / gtk_widget_hide in my opinion (cf. https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/GtkWidget.html#gtk-widget-show). Sadly, "visibility" is not a style property of the GtkMenuBar widget that's being used. If it were, a few simple lines in a resource file would have been enough. Alas, no such luck. I suppose this could technically be solved by a GTK module making the necessary modifications on the fly - but that would feel like breaking a butterfly on the wheel...

tl;dr: I, too, would love to see this feature being implemented!


Looking at the Thunar source code (a file manager that lets you hide it's menu bar). It does indeed look like it would be a simple gtk_widget_hide call


Started using Sublime on Kubuntu, and this feature is definitely would be more than useful, really. The way it is right now, both the "Distraction Free Mode" and the Fullscreen Mode are only half effective, as the menubar is always hoovering on the top with its distracting presence (specially for those on dark themes, which is my case).

Hiding menubar is added in latest dev build(3053). Here is the related link


In the latest Dev builds of Sublime ~3086-3088 this appears to have returned.