Mason Mark 4 years ago • updated by Seuxl1 10 months ago 19
As a plugin developer, in order to provide great auto-completion hints for lengthy methods, I need the completion menu to be wider.

Just making the maximum width much wider is all that is needed to make completion much more useful with plugins like the one I am developing. The current max width is too narrow, so that many completions get truncated to the point of uselessness.

Hope this screenshot below demonstrates the need (see the bottom few completions in the menu).


Font size and box width configuration are really needed for Auto-complete box.
Please add this feature!
+1 to Font Size, and Box Size! CSS auto completion is horrible in a small window!
Same here with SublimeClang, very difficult to find what I'm looking for in the list:

Agreed, I need this to be much wider. An option would be nice, or even a horizontal scroll-bar at a push.
for me it's basically unusable:

Thumbs up for this feature.

It would be a great improvement of useability if there will be more room for displaying information to the user.

Quick question regarding the screenshot in the original post: 

How do you achieve to see 20+ entries in the complete menu at once? I always see max 8 entries.

Would also love to increase the length of this window, can get by with the normal width. How is this accomplished?

+1 high importance

Does sublime text 3 has wider auto-complete list or ability to set width explicitly?

+1 high importance


(does anybody know whether this has been added in sublime text 3 yet?)

+1 the box is very "tiny"
Either having it set as a fixed width or a setting to make it autofit the longest function it autocompletes to would be great.

+1. Is the problem solved?