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Visual Studio has an option called Virtual While space. When enabled the cursor is free to move anywhere on the screen (not constrained by line length). You can type and edit anywhere and Visual Studio indents upto the point where you start editing.

I really miss this feature and would be great to see it in Sublime Text.
I miss this feature badly, too. I got used to it 15+ years ago with the Turbo Pascal IDE and so far the only non-MS programmers' editor supporting it is IntelliJ Idea. And even Idea has a fault in the implementation in handling backspaces at the beginning of line badly. Sublime Text 2 is my favourite editor, please make it complete with this feature! I would even help in the implementation :)
I didn't know this feature even existed, but it does sound great.
This sounds quite useful. Would be nice if it worked when arrow keying to lines that lack leading whitespace. I hate moving down a line then having to tab to bring the caret in line with the code.
This feature would be especially beneficial in concert with Sublime Text's multi-cursor functionality.

For example, when pressing Ctrl-Alt-Down to add new cursors below your current cursor, if your original cursor position is not in the first column and you cross over an empty line, you wind up with extra cursors in confusing and non-helpful spots. The lack of virtual whitespace in this common scenario pretty much foils the multicursor functionality's potential usefulness.

If virtual whitespace were supported, the resultant behavior in this example scenario would be much more intuitive -- and quite useful.

Virtual whitespace would be similarly beneficial with ST's block-select (shift-right drag). For instance, when copy-pasting text tables containing blank lines and a ragged right edge, you could shift columns around with impunity, knowing that any needed alignment-preserving whitespace would be added as a side effect.

your first issue can be adressed by writing custom command, which i did a few months ago.

take a look here - https://gist.github.com/3478311 

Vitaliy - Thank you!  Very useful while waiting for this to be implemented (fingers-crossed) in Sublime Text as a core ability!

You can find updated version of the command here https://gist.github.com/4338959.

It supports mltiple selections as well as fixes one exotic annoyance i had with new regions placement when expanding selection.

Another big +1 :) Bit of a showstopper for me - I've been used for so long to freely being able to place the cursor and type, originally back in the 80s with Brief and now with Crisp, the multiplatform Brief-like editor that I've been using since that time. Apart from freeform column selection and insertion, this function is also very useful for in-line commenting and general processing tasks on SQL, CSV etc. types.

I've been "playing" for a little while with Sublime as I liked the innovations that Textmate (and E on Windows) brought to the table. My needs are for multiplatform and the least important to me is Mac, so TM is ruled out. E is Win only, and has a tendency to be slow and buggy while its development cycle seems to move like molasses. Sublime looks just about right, but is missing a few key abilities; for me, as for a few others this is a big one. 

As a workaround I did think to knock up a script (enable freeform mode) that would populate the RHS with spaces up to column x, and disable freeform mode that would strip them again. This would be a useful stopgap but problematic for working larger files.

On another note, and disappointed by E in this regard, I was wondering whether development on Sublime had slowed up. I noticed Jon hadn't posted here for around 8 months. I'd be much happier buying into something that really feels like it's an active, ongoing development.

Another long-time Crisp user here (since 1993 I think), first on SGI and now on Windows. With the Origami plugin, I think I've finally found an editor that I can move to.


By the way, this can be implemented as a plugin. Completely (assuming you have "trim_trailing_white_space_on_save" active and I did not miss something).

The keys are with the viewport and layout methods from View, some math and the overriding of the "invisible" "run_" method so you can parse the "event" parameter which is silently stripped before calling the "run" method by "sublime_plugin.py".


To me, this is 'the must' feature


I think not mentioned, one of the main reasons I miss it (I worked for a long time with TextPad) is when I try to select something in a long line and accidentally move a bit to much to the top or the bottom of the line it selects a line higher of lower which will screw up my selection because I jump back to the left of the screen. That is so annoying!  

Show stopper for me too

Everything else is FANTASTIC - multiple cursors, split / join etc etc. This (almost) became my everything text editor, above PSPad, Notepad++, Delphi, Visual Studio. Pity...