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I'm used to emacs macros which record everything (and are very useful because of this).

Macros in Sublime Text don't seem to record movement commands like incremental search or anything else, which severely limits the usefulness. Macros are great for bulk repetitive text manipulation if everything is recorded.
+1 Recording incremental search is a must to create powerful macros.
+1. Vim users rely on this a lot too. It's currently the feature I'm missing most, having switched from vim 2 months ago.
Emacs has this feature too. It makes it possible to use quick macros instead of writing more complex scripts to parse files. Incredibly useful. Please add it.
Should record search/replace with regex too imho..
+1 recording every key stroke in fact

Macros in ST seem to be one of its weakest areas at the moment. I tried to create a simple keystroke macro but...

1. Cursor movement commands don't get recorded unless they're punctuated by text entry.

2. Searches don't get recorded.

3. Other miscellaneous stuff doesn't get recorded.

4. Certain primitives are missing, like "real end of line" that goes to the end of the (wrapped) line and not just to the right hand edge of the screen

5. Command documentation is so awful I don't really know how to automate stuff in ST from json since I can't find the bulk of the commands or their syntax. For example http://docs.sublimetext.info/en/latest/extensibility/macros.html says "See the ../core/commands section for more information on commands.". That isn't hyperlinked, and the only thing relating to that I can find is on this page: http://docs.sublimetext.info/en/latest/extensibility/commands.html

.... which is a very incomplete list and doesn't really give much detail on the arguments for many of the commands. Am I missing something?

If Sublime is to be the "go to" replacement for decent editors out there it really needs a robust and complete macro facility for automating repeated actions.


Just an FYI - for others that run across this (or Queensgate Studios) I found the commands list here that I believe is supposed to be referenced:


It's a full list of the commands available with arguments.

The macro feature is useless without a way to find. I hope to see this soon!
+1 Pleease implement this feature. It would be great if macros record everything.
+1 for find (CTRL-F) and replace (CTRL-H)