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API to make it possible to add tooltips in the editor (http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2670)

A tooltips API should be thought to make it possible to have function call tips with integrated documentation added by plugins and perhaps color for syntax highlighting. Also tooltips could be made to render graphics or colors (as for instance to make it possible to see the actual color when one hovers a CSS color in the code)

I would fellate someone for this functionality.
Really missing this feature. Could be useful in a large amount of plugins
+1 could see quite a lot of use cases with mine and other plugins, would love to see
Another vote from me. I just installed a PHP_CodeSniffer plugin from GitHub, and it doesn't (and, I discovered *can* not) add tooltips to the "dots" it puts in the gutter. Its workaround is to show the errors in the quick panel, which isn't ideal. Would love tooltip support!
This is super duper ultra important.
This would be awesome.
+1 :) for me too.
It could be nice to see/add some help on the function or method currently selected with the auto complete overlay with a tooltip
Any timeline here? I mean this is a request for an API and it's still made the front page. I think that says something about how much demand there is.
That would be cool.
Not the same but SublimePeek is a step in this direction with super quick access to help files:
This would be really great to have!
Very VERY important!



+1. This is the main lack of sublime text, it prevents me to fully use this editor.

It would be really really usefull for building a tooltip documentation in sublimecodeintel and when hovering functions with mouse.


Would really love to see an API for tooltips!

Many plugins could make great use of this.

Just to mention a recent plugin in development that would really benefit from this it Ternjs:


Let´s make this happen, please ;-)

How does it help us?


Yes, we know what a tool tip looks like.

+1 This would go a long way. Ultimately, sublime needs an api to allow arbitrary panels of arbitrary size and content. But, just having tooltips would let us go a very long way.

Feature will be very helpful
This would be great!

3 years on and still no news?
Does API: Added View.show_popup() and related functions cover this functionality? Its in dev build 3070. Take a look at: http://www.sublimetext.com/3dev and celebrate. Now it only needs to be released. There are already plugins for this.