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In the beta version, when you hide the menu bar, you can't show it again. Your could use a keyboard shortcut to show or hide the menubar more easy, like F10 on Windows Live Messenger


Pressing alt will show the menu again, in the same manner as firefox
Pressing alt will show the menu again, in the same manner as firefox
Didn't work in ubuntu but an easy way is using command palette : press ctrl+shift+p   then type "menu"
U saved my day thkz a lot
OMG, thank you guy!!!!
  • Many thanks, so simple but impossible until you know how!

I agree with John C Blais, The first time I disabled the menu I had to re-install sublime text, lol.


It saved my life, bro lol

It does not bring menu back at Debian + Xfce. I needed to remove "~/.config/sublime-text-3" directory in order to reset my settings.
You can revert/review this and other settings in ~/.config/sublime-text-3/LocalSession.sublime_session
You could ctrl+shift+p -> toggle menu.
Thank you. ALT didn't work here on Arch (it does in Firefox!) in Sublime Text but your tip did work.
You rock. 
Search "View" -> Show Menu
Yeah, worked for me on Linux Mint 17/Ubuntu 14.04. Thanks
Here is the simplest of shell scripts I use to show/hide the menu:

# ~/bin/subl_menu_visible.sh - Show/hide Sublime Text 3 Menu
if [ "$1" = "true" ]
        then echo "Turninng ON menu_visible"
elif [ "$1" = "false" ]
        then echo "Turninng OFF menu_visible"
        echo "Nothing changed! Use true or false as argument!"
        exit 1
sed -ri "s/\"menu_visible\": [^,]+,/\"menu_visible\": $1,/" ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Local/Session.sublime_session

Save it to a directory of your PATH and make it executable. Then, to show the menu, quit Sublime Text 3, type subl_menu_visible.sh true on the terminal and restart Sublime Text 3. Use subl_menu_visible.sh false to hide.

If you have a better idea for a script, please share!

I hope it helps =)
I set a key mapping (ctrl+alt+m) to show and hide the menu.  If your menu is hidden then do the ctrl+shift+p -> 'View: Toggle Menu' to show it again.  Then 'Preferences / Key Bindings - User' then I added the following (between the brackets [ ] there may be other bindings so don't delete them...)
  { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+m"], "command": "toggle_menu" },
Then save the file and then pressing this or whatever key binding you choose will toggle the menu on or off.
You can look in 'Preferences / Key Bindings - Default' to search and make sure your key binding isn't already configured.
After reading this I realized that I unnecessarily removed my settings.
Great advice, exactly what I looked for. Thanks!
This was super handy... thankya
Little snippets like this make my life easier.  
Little info saves lot of of time. Thaks for sharing.
Thank you very much for your idea on how to go about sublime text.
I am not sure what you are all talking about...
Just type '/gui menu toggle' into the text box and hit Enter to get your menu bar back.
Run it again and it will disappear.
The other suggestions either don't work or are a whole lot of trouble for nothing.
Alt+V -> Show Menu
- alt - did it 4 me