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"Reopen with encoding" is a great feature, and I'd love to see support for Shift-JIS ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shift_JIS ) included, as I often work with documents stored in this format.

This would be very nice. Most of the windows programmers in Japan use Shit-JIS or Unicode (CP932).


I think Shift_JIS support is good feature too. I'm often using small script written

Shift_JIS|cp932 into utf-8 by KanjiTlanslator, or use sakura editor.

I need this feature too. If it does so, this software will be more attractive.
Unless, for whatever reason (compiler perhaps?), your project requires you to maintain Shift-JIS format files, there is a solution/option to this encoding problem.

Download the EncodingHelper plugin, it allows you to convert any file encoding to UTF-8 from the Sublime Text 2 menu (found under "edit" once installed).

I work on OS X (Lion) and am coming from TextMate.  I downloaded the latest beta (2165) and absolutely love the seemless IME for Japanese input (compared to the TextMate solution it is fantastic and much more readable).

Although it still does not support Shift-JIS encoding, I was able to create a Shift-JIS file in Notepad++ and using the menu in Sublime Text 2 with the EncodingHelper plugin, converted to UTF-8 and it went from garbled characters to readable Japanese text.  I was then able to save the file in UTF-8 encoding, which reads just fine when re-opened.
Thanks for the suggestion, Casey!  That may well work for readability, if I never need to commit any changes back, so I'll take a look at it.

Unfortunately, the choice to support Shift-JIS over Unicode is something I have no control over (working for the American arm of a large Japanese company)
I would love to have this feature. I work at Nintendo and we deal with a lot of Japanese text (not just docs, but makefiles and other stuff). It would be very useful to be able to use Sublime for this rather than switching to another text editor like Notepad++.

Please add Shift-JIS to the Reopen with Encoding menu!
Hey there.  I heard about Sublime from some coworkers at Nintendo, and I've been evaluating it, but the lack of support for Shift-JIS encoding is a feature that unfortunately prevents me from using Sublime as my text editor of choice.  It would be amazing if this could be supported.

Thank you!
Before this feature was built to ST2, you might want to try the ConvertToUTF8 plugin. It supports for editing and saving files with CJK encodings include GBK, BIG5, Shift_JIS, etc. See https://github.com/seanliang/ConvertToUTF8 for more information.

+1 for Shift-JIS support! Unicode isn't an option when other tools don't use it. Converting files is no good when I need to share with other developers that have tools that only read in Shift-JIS.


+1 for Shift-JIS support!  I just bought Sublime Text 2 without even checking this.  Now I regret having done so.

Check ConvertToUTF8 plugin, it's not perfect, but you can view and edit Shift-JIS files with it.
Careful with this one. It still has a tendency to save the files into UTF-8 (?) If someone else opens the file in another editor they still see garbage-out. I had to go TextWrangler, Re-Open in Encoding..., Then Save-As... just saving didn't work.
Eric, the file will be saved to UTF-8 by ST firstly, and the plugin will convert it back to its original encoding immediately, unless you set "lazy_reload" to true which will delay the conversion process until you switch to another tab or window. Would you please kindly post an issue if that doesn't work for you?
I enjoyed the time I spent using Sublime Text, but because of lack of Shift-JIS I had to go to another Notepad-like text editor.
"reopen with encoding" should just support all standard encodings, and put your favorite encoding in the top.  just like how web browser's encoding option works
The sad thing is that people are really being specious on Unicode in regards to what the Japanese reasonably desire. The ordering of the kanji is not in line with the Japanese...Believe or not the Japanese Teaching Model is learning kanji (and organizing kanji) by it's on-yomi (chinese reading) All that were anticipating merely having what everyone else has...they did not demand anything  more...And here, their characters, their Kanji is merely treated as subset of the Chinese - that's a compromise?) and it's organized by radical...someting that the Japanese have never endorsed. It's only the West and China. They based the location of their characters on pronunciation. A fact that people in the know go out their way to not mention...for instance, they'll indicate this by saying "it's to bad that Unicode is not sorted" but don't say anything that this "Shift-JIS" IS Sorted! Yes! Incredible. In fact, they're even more specious since they criticize the Japanese for using "radicals" in last half. But, what they don't say is that the last half (they don't even mention where, by the way) are RARE kanji and that to have them listed by pronunciation is silly. And then, as kicker, they criticize the Japanese since they are actually proposing LESS space requirement meaning they don't include as many characters. Frankly, I'd be really put out if I were Japanese.