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Please add support for OpenType features such as curly quotes, ligatures etc.!
The main reason I started this topic is the programming font I made which includes functional programming ligatures. Everyone has been asking for Sublime support. Check it out: https://github.com/i-tu/source-code-pro-L/

This would be AMAZING if it were added! As a Haskell programmer, this would make my day/week/month/year.
Is such an addition easy to do within current ST2/3? If yes, that would be nice to have :)
That font is phenomenal!! I would love to Haskell with that!!!
I also came here from that Haskelig repo. Having a font like would also be great for Scala.
Ditto as another Haskell programmer!
Hasklig is awesome, it would be great if Sublime Text could support ligatures so we can use them!
I would love to see Hasklig work on my favourite Text Editor!
Ligature support is now available in PragmataPro 0.820

+1, this will be awesome if implemented.
"Coder" fonts with ligatures are becoming a new standard — I hope; I would love to see this implemented.

Here is the Fira version of a monospaced font with programming ligatures: https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode
+1. I'd love to see programming ligatures become a standard, and getting Sublime to support them is a huge step towards that.
+1. Ligature support would be a huge boon to readability and productivity!
+1 this would be a huge improvement!
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+1, Came here because I wanted to use "Fira Code" (https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode) with ligatures, but Sublime doesn't support them :(
Sublime's the best! Need support for ligatures! Fira Code!
Came here because I tried to use Hasklig and ligatures weren't displayed. I would like to see support for this.
+1 for this. I was trying everything to work out why I couldn't see the ligatures in SublimeText then noticed the Support section on Github. Please make this happen!
+1. Please implement this!
Can't say how much ligature support will be appreciated. Please implement this feature.
Support for this would be amazing.
Would love this to work so I could use the ligatures in Monoid http://larsenwork.com/monoid/
Support for this would be so great!