Germán M. Bravo 4 years ago • updated by Simon Toivo Telhaug 8 months ago 15
Displaying the full path of the active file in the title of the window would be a bit time saver for me.
I wish i could multiple times on this one.
Another option is showing the full path in the status bar at the bottom.  This is the only thing I wish for when using Sublime Text.
This would be a big helpt to me if it could display the correct file path for a remote file.  I have to work directly off remote web servers daily and not having the file path causes problems.
I'm with Tom; I'd give all my votes to this request if we had multiple.
Would also be great if the full path could be copied to the clipboard.

jan otte posted 8 months ago


It is build into core ST.
Right click on the body of the open file (not the tab the bit with the text in it).
There is what you want right there on the menu and it has been there for years.

This isn't quite the same, although it's very helpful. But to see the path, you have to copy it and then paste it somewhere. It would be even more convenient if you could just have the path displayed, and not have to copy it and paste it first.

Needed badly indeed.


Looks like ST2 now has this setting starting from build 2195:

Added show_full_path setting, to control if the full path is shown in the window title

Try adding the following to your user preferences:

// Show the full path to files in the title bar.
// On OS X, this value is overridden in the platform specific settings, so
// you'll need to place this line in your user settings to override it.
   "show_full_path": true,

Worked for me on OS X (10.8)

* Please note that the last comma is only needed if it's not the last setting line.

Thanks :)
Do you know if there's an option to show the path relative to the opened folder/project?
Some repos I work on have fairly deep directory structures (like Users/myself/Work/company/project-repo/src/application)
Or maybe at the end of the screen, just after line xx column xx and before tab size and the name of the type of the file.
If you want to se it the full path in status bar down. You can save the file and you will se saved ~/dev/bla/bla/foo/bar.js