John Bradly 2 years ago • updated by Chris 1 month ago 6
When viewing a huge logfile (above +100MB) which is updated several times a minute you feel frustrated! It reloads contantly and even if you have it prompting before reloading (with the "always_prompt_for_file_reload" option), this is useless too as there are just simply too many prompts.

There really should be an option where it is possible to control auto-reload. Ideally some extensions could be excluded or everthing above a certain size should not reload but at least there should be an option where it is possible to fully disable this feature.

I am using the currently newest available version, 3061.
This is ridiculous that this feature hasn't been implemented yet. My logs are very small (1-5 mb), but they are updated every fraction of a second, so I just have a blinking screen, not usable at all.
Please add this feature. Working with log files which are constantly changing by another program in sublime now is the worst idea. Constant autoupdate is usless. I've payed for your license, please help me in my work now.
Thank you.
I see requests for this feature going back years. This is really cumbersome and I need to switch text editors whenever I want to look at log files. But I PREFER to look at log files in Sublime. What a dilemma!
Bumping. This is a pretty important feature. Other editors such as Notepad2 and Notepad++ give you 3 options for a setting called "Auto-reload on changes": Off, Prompt, On

Also if I click Cancel on the prompt I shouldn't be asked again for this file until restarting Sublime. I don't need to be asked every fraction of a second.
I am trying to view a log file that is continually updated, causing my screen to keep flashing, as others here are describing. My search for a fix brought me here, where everyone agrees there is basically no way to view a log file with Sublime. What!? Ya, I think this should be very high priority.

Ideally, Sublime would automatically refresh without the flashing, and just append the new content, which is surely possible. It might also be good to allow the user the option to disable automatic reloading all together. Either one of these solutions would fix the problem, but automatic updating of logs would be super useful, just all the flashing makes it unusable.

Thanks for taking the time to read our feedback. We look forward to a solution! :)
I'd like to see a 'logfile mode' where instead of reloading the whole file (over my VPN connection) you'd only update the tail (without flashing the screen).