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Right-To-Left Languages like Hebrew/Arabic aren't supported, this makes writing, for instance, Hebrew content almost impossible since all text is reversed.

This feature would insure that I'll buy this, otherwise, great editor.

Also I Have This Problem And Here Is The Full Detail

Hello , could you please consider switch to `windows-1256` encoding .

switching to "windows 1256" encoding make no difference .

Sorry , what i meant to say : adding windows-1256 to the encoding list , apparently it has been added in the last update  , sorry for this inclusion 
Switched encoding to Hebrew windows 1255 but still the problem of text being left-to-right persists. To clarify the issue - words like "encoding" would appear for us as "gnidocne".
The problem is that sublime does not support "Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm" http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr9/

To visualize the problem I'll add screenshot of a sentence in sublime text (wrong form) and the same sentence in Textmate 2 alpha (correct form)

This would give sublime text an edge over other editors for RTL coders.

I think you <!- sublime developers --> have to push in this ASAP .. Many coders here in MENA Region need RTL language support.


I can't see myself switching to any other editor for the time being, so it would be great to have RTL implemented.

How can I install it on Sublime 3?
I just see question marks :(

Many thanks for the efforts. This does help in correctly shaping selected text, and will do as temporary measure till the Sublime team build this functionality into the editor.

There are like 10 feature requests for this request with total votes of more than 600. Please, don't miss this feature from SublimeText 3.0!
Please pay attention. There is a bunch of developers exists which loves sublime but the only issue that prevent them to migrate to this lovely editor is the lack of RTL support for Persian and Arabic languages. Please consider this issue on the next updates or versions.
I made a fix to the sublime text bidi plugin work on sublime text 3, 
Please at least merge the duplicate feature requests so you would know the real size of this feature request.
It's a good idea if the admins merge topics relater to (RTL,Arabic,Persian , Hebrew) as Yazeed suggested before me :)

Plz support Arabic more in your program so the Arabic users can have more power with opensource systems 
We need arabic :D :D 
We (I'm) very hope to add the arabic language to sublime
sublime is awesome
FYI : Right-To-Left (RTL) languages are about 17 languages , major ones are :
  • Arabic   (290 million+ native speakers)
  • Persian (110 million+ native speakers)
  • Punjabi (102 million+ native speakers)
  • Urdu      (65 million+ native speakers)
  • Pashto   (40 million+ native speakers)
  • Sindhi    (25 million+ native speakers)
  • Balochi  (7.6 million+ native speakers)
  • Hebrew (3.5 million native speakers)
Total = ~643.1+ Million

Blues are the most popular languages with a lot of developers whom use & love Sublime text editor :)

Source : Wikipedia
The absence of this essential feature shows the lack of development in sublime team.
Kurdish language 
1345  Votes until now :)

Please add RTL to this lovely IDE

1400 Votes until now
We need Persian! Please add RTL to this lovely IDE
I will buy it once there is RTL!
I'm tired of the "Purchase message" that shows up every day. and every time i want to click the "Purchase", BAM!!! someone in my head says: Why do you want to buy it ? they don't even support your native language.

Add RTL i'll buy it for sure:)
Same here. Will surely buy if it natively supports RTL.
Guys dont get mad but they wont make the development in this version they must update the whole version :D i like ur posts guys :D and btw my arabic is my native language :D :D :D :D
Support for Hebrew (RTL) would be very much appreciated!
Please add RTL to this lovely IDE

Please add RTL to this lovely IDE, we need Arabic support