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Sublime is simple genius with 2/3 column views, seems like a logical next step (that I would use every day...)  

Oh - is there a plug-in that will do this?
Some things come into my mind...
  • You can diff 2 files by selecting them in the sidebar and click on "Diff Files...".
  • You can grab my diff_views.py and diff two buffers.
  • You can wait for someone to create a plugin which uses two buffers.
  • You can do it yourself ;).

The first option is a current feature? because i can´t find the "Diff Files..." button...
Maybe in gone on ST2?
Ok! I found it!
It only appears with "folders" sidebar(to open a folder: File->Open Folder) , not with "open files" sidebar.
Anyway its not a visual comparision, its only text comparision like FileDiff plugin (that i think is better option)

PD: anyone knows why "open folder" option opens a new ST window (im using ST2 portable)?
The ultimate would be to have full support for the functionality that would make something this possible: http://i.imgur.com/3JxOM.png and http://i.imgur.com/8m7Yj.png
File diff tools are ubiquitous, integration with an editor and visual comparison enhancements take basic diff to the next level.
Apple's developer utility FileMerge is excellent, it would be useful to have a visually/functionally similar tool built into Sublime (ie diff/merge) which allows editing and applying differences from one file to another,  one at a time. 
Three-way diff/merge is also useful but probably not a key requirement.

For me another two way merge would be useless bloat, but the infrastructure for a good three way merge with sublime-style multiple select would be mindblowing.

I love that function that was integrated in Notepad++
This would indeed be nice!
I'd love to see Sublime offer a diff view of my file when saving, especially if I go to close a window that has changes and I'm asked if I'd like to save the file before closing the window.  Instead of just saying that I have changes, there could be an option to view the differences or the differences could be shown by default.

The only program I've seen that does something like this is GNU emacs.  There was a command for comparing the buffer with the corresponding file (diff-buffer-with-file).

Ok doing it the way TextMate does it with Changes.app would be great.  I simply install the Changes.app Textmate plugin and then hot key from TextMate to bring up a menu that allows me to do things like "compare front two files"  etc.  problem is.. I wouldn't know where to start really in building a Sublime Text 2 port of that package..
Invoking a external app actually isn't what the op's topic is about.. and it'd be only 2nd best choice or rather a workaround. Having a real diff/merge view inside ST is a total different cat ;) The missing feature is one reason  why i still do have to start jEdit now and then.. a builtin diff/merge is just so very comfortabel.. in jEdit it looks like so .
I do hope to see a built in package that does file comparisons, but until then.. the external version may be a faster solution for the moment.
Sublime2 supports TextMate bundles without modification, just copy them into the Packages/ directory like this:

$ cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/BUNDLENAME.tmbundle ~/Applications/Sublime2 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages/

Thanks Chris! Changes.app is amazing! I installed the TextMate bundle then copied the .tmbundle folder into my Sublime Text packages directory, as you instructed. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find the Changes.app commands inside the Sublime interface. Sublime doesn't seem to be recognizing the bundle. Are you able to help?


There is a plugin for this - Sublimerge. Side-by-side diff view, VCS support & integration, even can compare directories!
Beatiful - just downloaded and I really like the plugin! I think I'm gonna go for the paid version, in fact.
Great Plugin, easy to use. There seems to be only a Pro version left, but untill now I was not asked to register.
Marvelous plugin.. very fast, easy to adopt it's functionality .. Not able to work without it..  Buy it.. Developer deserves this.. 
Fantastic plugin, thanks for that!