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It'd be great to have the sidebar context menu for files/folders show "Reveal in Finder" option. That way one can quickly get to the filesystem folder/files via Finder (in Mac) or Windows Explorer.
It should be there for files, just not for folders yet

I was able to make this work on OS X for folders (haven't tried it on other platforms though). Choose Browse Packages... from the Preferences menu, and make the following changes to their appropriate files (listed right above each code snippet):


Hopefully the developer will implement this into the core in future builds.

Be great to get this added into the core...
Took me a few minutes to figure out, but these files are located in "Packages/Default"
How I can put the shortcut a file in stack open to Reveal File in finder  ?
example:{ "keys": ["super+shift+e"], "command": "reveal_file_in_finder"}
This should do the trick.
{ "keys": ["super+shift+e"], "command": "open_dir", "args": {"dir": "$file_path", "file": "$file_name"} },

Given that this was the first place I came to when I set out looking for this I figured that I would comment with the solution I went with.

I found the package Open Folder to be extremely useful: