Matheus Nicolosi 5 years ago • updated by Alulaq2 8 months ago 13
The ability to change file encoding / set a default for new files would be extremely useful as well.
This feature is really important for many people!
I like this feature so much.
In my project, we are coding on Windows, but remote to unix server to open file. We need to make sure all downloaded files in Unix format and ANSI encoding format
I think we need an API to add an own section in the statusbar which is capable of showing a popup when clicked. This would ease all these file options like Encoding and Line Ending.
Every other editor I've used shows this, and it's an incredibly important feature to me, since I maintain websites from all over the world. I'm really surprised to not see this in Sublime (which is quickly becoming my go-to editor).
This can be easily done using a plugin and the statusbar API methods.
It can, yes, but I'd rather like to ability to display this in a whole new section like the syntax def and the indent sections on the right. That would (probably) allow to specify a popup menu where you could easily switch them.
Can you point me at an example?
So, this is my status bar:

And then I left-click at the "Spaces: 2" and a popup opens:

The popup itself is modified by the "LineEndings" package (the design is horrible, I just never pull requested), precisely the "Indentation.sublime-menu" file.
Can you post how you did that?  i.e. post the source of your  Indentation.sublime-menu file?

Nevermind. I found it all through the sublime package control .
Only for spaces (as dots) and tabs (as horizontal line)
Preferences -> Settings - User
"draw_white_space": "all",
"show_line_endings": true
Risperdal, what version of Sublime supports
"show_line_endings": true