Christopher Busby 5 years ago • updated by Omar Trejo 9 months ago 30
I apologize if this is already implemented into the program, but I couldn't seem to find it.

Simply put, add an option to change the cursor to a block cursor (or to widen the cursor) for file editing.

I would like a blinking block cursor too, like the one I can get in Apple Terminal

I'd really like this, as well. It would make the editor much more visually accessible for users with poor eyesight (like myself).


Ditto, I lose the cursor on a semi-regular basis w/long lines that wrap.

I vote for this too, this is a great thing for poor eye-sight people like me indeed :)

For examples of block styles, I recommend looking at Console.

The ideal cursor to me, would be to have the currently available 'phase' fading/animation, plus a 2 or 3 px wide cursor.

The current 1 px cursor is too narrow!
Did you check settings?There is an option to change it.
Would you care to be more elaborate?  I have found how to change the blink style, as well as the width, but I can only change it to "wide", which is not the block width that I would like to see.
Sorry, It is just me being stupid. I was 100% sure that I saw this option :(

There is a hidden wide_caret setting that will do what you want btw

The wide_caret makes the cursor a tad bit wider, but not enough to be a "block" caret.  Still, it'll do for now.  :)
I'm using wide_caret and all I get is a slightly more bold underline. (Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit.) Is this what you intend? It's a very subtle difference and still difficult to spot, for example, when doing a text search. Brace matching also gets confusing because the same underline (only not bold) is used. Please, a block cursor, ala vim/gvim is what a lot of us are comfortable with.
This would make multiple groups/views much easier to work with. Right now the only indication that the view is active is the cursor. Having it be a true block would be nice.
No idea whether this is even possible (or wanted by anyone else than me) but the way iA Writer does it with a wide, blinking cursor in a contrasting color would be fantastic.
There's a plugin that handles this, but it's not quite perfect. I'd love to see this behavior built-in to ST2.
Yes please add this! This is a majorly annoying not to have
Block cursor would make the vintage mode much more comfortable.
I'm looking for a option to get a underscore cursor, just like when you active Ins key (overwrite) but whitout overwite.
The solution that I am using is this:
I opened the Default Settings file and on line 101 I changed the "highlight_line": from false to true and then on line 104 I set the "caret_style": to "phase".
I tried the other options for the caret (cursor) and I ended up preferring to use the phase style.

Perhaps its only recent (in which case this suggestion can be marked completed?) but there's a SublimeBlockCursor package that does this.


That package helps, but it's a bit of a hack. The "cursor" is actually a one-character selection.


yes,i need this

Dude, ST2 has been around for longer than a year, this is a simple feature to add, please add it already.


Since most of us use syntax highlighting, a block cursor feature should consider the proper inversion of the colors considering the cursor color too in such a way the letters under the cursor are still readable.

I use proportional fonts often, in which case a block cursor perfectly following the character width is not the best solution either.

I know it's obscene, but when I use italic fonts, I would expect the cursor to be slanted too, just like in some word processors.

However, I wouldn't expect all this to work from the beginning, so implementing something basic would still be a great enhancement.


Exactly. Implementing at least a basic version wouldn't be hard, and every major editor out there supports it. This is ridiculous.

A option for a high-contrast, blinking block curosr would allow me to use (and purchase) the editor -- I've terrible eyesight, and hilighting the line alone is not enough for easy use.

You can already do this, though it's not a "true" block cursor, but close:
add the following to your user preferences:
"caret_style": "smooth",
"wide_caret": true,
add the following to your preferred color scheme (be sure to do a search first)
Other valid values for the caret_style are:
"smooth", "phase", "blink", "wide" and "solid".
#E50A69 is a bright pink color very visible on dark backgrounds. Amazing what you can find by reading the documentation or a simple google search.
With latest version, this is what'll get you closest to a block cursor (restart needed).
It would be neat if there was simply a block style..

"caret_extra_bottom": 0,
"caret_extra_top": 0,
"caret_extra_width": 8,
"caret_style": "phase",
Thank you Zoran Simic is worked wonderfully!!!
Thank you Zoran Simic. Close enough to be usable.