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One thing that irritates me about purchasing Sublime Text, is the fact that the only method of payment is via PayPal. While I'm sure it's convenient for some, others may not agree with this. Many companies are starting to accept Bitcoin, some notable ones including Wordpress, Reddit, as well as The Humble Bundle

Accepting Bitcoin can be great for a business, especially when selling software like Sublime Text, one of the main reasons for this is the fact that a Bitcoin transaction is completely irreversible, unlike PayPal which is happy to side with the buyer 99% of the time, even on irreversible products such as a DRM-free software package. This is great for Sublime Text, and the customers as it opens the product to a wider market, more people may be willing to purchase it if Bitcoin was an option.

It may seem complicated to accept Bitcoins directly, but companies do exist, who handle payments in Bitcoins, and then convert the received coins to the exact price requested (e.g. $70, as the price of ST). The most common payment processors who have this feature include BitPay (commonly used hosting providers such as Namecheap) or Coinbase (used by Reddit and The Humble Bundle).

By using either of these payment processors, you give your customers the ability to pay using Bitcoin, while receiving the actual money in US Dollars directly into your bank account.

I personally don't see any downside to your company if you were to accept Bitcoin payments, customers will still be able to pay using PayPal if they want, but they would also be capable of paying for the product using Bitcoins.


I can only agree! Bitcoin transactions are pretty easy to do, and no PayPal in between to grab large fees :)


I'm using the trial version now, would definitely get a full license if I could pay using bitcoin.


Agreed! I would buy a real license if I could do so with Bitcoin!


I think it has the potential to drive sales to Sublime if it makes the internet headlines that Sublime now accepts bitcoin. And if that translates into some of these other great suggestions being implemented, that's the only thing that really matters :)


Do this and I will finally click OK on the "would you like to buy" notice! :)

I sent them an email about that a few months ago.

They seem to think that somehow Bitcoin is going to change their business model (?!).

I'd love to see Sublime finally accepting Bitcoin!


Wow. It boggles me how Bitcoin could possibly "not fit with their business model", unless they're in the banking industry :)


Please, SublimeText developers: have a serious look at what Bitcoin actually is. You'll see it fits with your business model just perfectly (being an online seller and all): NO chargebacks, NO dependency on 3rd party payment processors or other companies (such as paypal), virtually NO fees, and you can process payments almost instantly.


Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to Bitcoin.


I have been ignoring the nag box in Sublime. If I could pay for full version with BTC, I'd def do it!


I want to pay in Bitcoin!


Please reconsider your policy. You could probably pay your employees in bitcoins...


PayPal refuses service to over 60 countries. That is 1/3 of the world, who is unable to pay you, just because of PayPal's dictatorship. I think wordpress.com (biggest blogging software in the world) have put it excellently (when they started accepting bitcoin as payment):

"PayPal alone blocks access from over 60 countries, and many credit card companies have similar restrictions. Some are blocked for political reasons, some because of higher fraud rates, and some for other financial reasons. Whatever the reason, we don’t think an individual blogger from Haiti, Ethiopia, or Kenya should have diminished access to the blogosphere because of payment issues they can’t control. Our goal is to enable people, not block them. Bitcoin is a digital currency that enables instant payments over the internet. Unlike credit cards and PayPal, Bitcoin has no central authority and no way to lock entire countries out of the network. Merchants who accept Bitcoin payments can do business with anyone."

And the "genius" quote from the Sales Team "Bitcoin does not fit our business model" just screams of incompetence and plain laziness. You should fire the person who wrote this. I can bet, that he/she does not even know what bitcoin is, and was simply too lazy to bother to educate themselves about it.


Totally agree. Great idea! Paypal is evil: they're ridiculously expensive, very user-unfriendly, and politically involved - remember wikileaks?

Bitcoin on the other hand is "free" (as in free speech), secure, easy, fast, and best of all: not owned or controlled by any person or company or authority. 


Dear SublimeText people: please accept Bitcoin! Even if you don't want to receive any actual bitcoins, you can use a payment provider (like bitpay or coinbase etc) so your users can pay with bitcoins, and you directly receive dollars or euros. Extremely easy to setup, and still way cheaper than paypal. Best of both worlds!


I would definitely like to support you guys and buy SublimeText (and even add a tip to the regular price) but I will not support paypal or similar evil industries. As soon as you support Bitcoin, I'll place my order.


Thanks for your consideration!


come on you must start accepting bitcoins !!!!!!!


It would be nice if people could please up-vote the reddit post, this will allow more people to find this suggestion.



That would be awesome. Waiting for sublime text to accept bitcoins..


I would certainly buy ST if I could pay in Bitcoin, paypal isn't really used where I'm from so it would be too much of a hazzle to set that stuff up.

Well, if you would post this on a few other places it would be useful. This needs a LOT MORE upvotes for anyone to care.

Totally support this. Will only buy license if bitcoin is available!
They are missing out. so far their business model does not allow for 413 x $50 ??? what kind of business is that ?!
I will buy a license once it's possible by purchase in Bitcoin.
I am a developer in the Bitcoin space. I make a living out of bitcoin which is why I only support companies that accept Bitcoin. I only have Bitcoins and only buy things online with bitcoins. I now pay myself Hotels / Flights with Expedia, physical things I can't buy elsewhere with gyft cards. In your case I would have bought it with Bitcoins, but just downloaded it from kisckass torrents to remove the nag screen which seemed easier. Hope in version 4 you will accept Bitcoins. I made my mind to only pay online in Bitcoins. If you would have accepted Bitcoins when you where asked initially and hoarded them maybe you would be rich? I think most people who will pay you in Bitcoins are people who wouldn't pay anyway in Paypal, so it's only a supplementary revenue. Since most of the bitcoin community I know many of which use sublime will not buy it now, you don't really have anything to lose and it's opening a new market.
Oh come on. Yes, they should support Bitcoin as a payment option, but "I pirated your app because you didn't let me pay with Bitcoin" is a pretty lame way of encouraging another developer to do something.
Pirate? No pirating - just accepting the faith of the nag box.
I suggested Bitcoin to Sublime Text three years ago, and support is only growing - I wish they'd accept it so I can pay for my copy, but alas - they find it "unfitting to their business model" for some reason.
Bitcoin would be nice, or at least any other form of payment. Paypal is shoving German customers their ToS down the throat by requiring to signup prior to payment. The ToS contain lot of critical stuff, and German consumer advice centers have even adviced against using PayPal at all. So please provide another payment processor or accept BitCoin. Your targeted audience (developers with a higher sensibility when it comes to data privacy) has a significant amount of people unable or not willing to use PayPal.
I went to pay for a licence because the nag box got on my nerves but then realised they don't accept bitcoin! LOL WTH! even Microsoft accepts bitcoin now! Why would you not accept the native currency of the internet?  Anyway please accept my bitcoin so I can buy a licence.