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"In e you always have the full undo history, even after reloading a document from a previous session. Should the computer crash (or lose power) while you are working, it will just start up where you left of."

Full info here: http://e-texteditor.com/blog/2006/making-undo-usable

This is one of the best features that E has and after playing with Sublime for a couple of days I have to say it's the ONLY feature I miss.
Completely 100% agree.
It would be a great feature, i miss it from vim (persistant undo)
This would be nice but with the option of clearing the buffer so you don't accumulate undos and slow things down. Maya (not a text editor!) has this feature called history and a little button to clear it, works very nicely.

Actually, e does even more than storing the undo history (wish is great already): its Visual Undo History is a fantastic (and unique) feature that provides a friendly way to navigate up and down the branches of your development. Think of it as a no-brainer always-on source control at the file level. As much as I love working with Sublime, I still miss that magic trick of a feature quite badly.

I've started another thread for the undo tree suggestion: http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/92833-/
I'd love this. In fact for me it is also the only feature that I am missing after leaving E in favor of Sublime Text. Ended up here when googling it...
I'm feeling the pain of this myself. I'm so used to closing windows, opening them later, and having history.
Check out the Local History plugin! It stores and allows you to retrieve the versions of the file you saved in the past. 

I really want to enhance it by allowing you to view the changes made using either keyboard shortcuts or using the Ctrl+Shift+P quick-view menu but sadly that is not exposed in the API yet (no preview visible in the menu made using the plugin API). 

That only allows chronological review of changes so it's not as epic as an undo-tree but it will get your changes back in a pinch!

And by Ctrl+Shift+P I mean Ctrl+P (or Super+P), the project-quick-open-search. It both previews the currently matched file and scrolls around in it matching what you type. Only a subset of that functionality need be exposed for what I'm asking for, but the full thing should be exposed for more awesomeness. 
This is great Stephen :)

Looking forward to seeing this develop into the future!
Also check out my Automatic Backups plugin, which takes a slightly different approach than Local History does but tackles the same basic problem.

ALL software should have this feature (a kind of "software hibernate" on close)

I am using https://github.com/joelpt/sublimetext-automatic-backups

It's doing what you need

After reopening the project, I click save. Then I see the last versions by click again and again CLT+ALT+[, and come back to the last change at CLT+ALT+]

Joels plugin does not give undo history backup, it gives File Save backup, the difference is PARAMOUNT