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Many SublimeText themes include @2x versions of their skins to support Apple's retina MacBooks.  Unfortunately, SublimeText doesn't seem to use these higher-density assets on Linux.  (I'm testing on a Chromebook Pixel with /usr/bin/X -dpi 239 in /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc.)

There's a hacked version of the Soda theme that tries to accommodate for this, but it doesn't look crisp and is a bit buggy.  (For instance, the tab titles are clipped off.)

I'd appreciate a setting to force Sublime Text to double all pixel measurements and use @2x icons, so Sublime can take full advantage of my Pixel's gorgeous display.

Thank you.


I've been working on this problem.  There's a GitHub project that will install Ubuntu, Sublime Text, and AppEngine on your Pixel, including a high-res skin and keybindings that will be familiar to Mac users on a Chromebook:


In particular, look at this file:


It will tell Sublime to use the retina assets at the correct size on your non-Mac.  (You have to install Soda first.)  To my eyes, it looks much better than Atwan86's Soda HiDPI theme.  I don't know how to workaround the tab clipping issue though.  Either there's a property to control text clipping that no one knows about, or it's hardcoded.

There's also the issue of font size in the command palette:


Not sure what the class is to address it, but it's way smaller than the rest of the UI  text.

I saw the Sublime Text 3 release is supposed to fix this issue, but I haven't been able to make it work.  As you can see from this image:

I have installed gnome-tweak-tool and gsettings.  Both have text-scaling-factor set to 2.0.  Still, Sublime Text 3 is drawing itself unscaled.

This is on a Chromebook Pixel running Openbox as the window manager.  The X DPI is set to 239, which is why everything else has the correct scale.

Use "dpi_scale": 2.0,