Robertcollier4 3 years ago • updated by BobRockefeller 1 year ago 4

It would be a great addition to allow the user to custom define their status bar. The rest of sublime-text is already configurable so it makes sense the status bar should too and it seems like it should be simple to do.

In Preferences, the current status bar could be something like:

"statusbar_text": "Line " + sublime.statusbar.cursorpos_line + ", Column " + sublime.statusbar.cursorpos_col + sublime.statusbar.actionmessages + sublime.statusbar.fullwidthspacer + "Spaces: " + sublime.statusbar.tabwidth + "\t" + sublime.statusbar.syntaxtype

FYI - some context - the reason this is desired so that I can move the Line and Column numbers to the right side. I would like to keep the left side free for status messages that would always start at the beginning of the status bar line.

This would be so cool, well.. at least to add things that aren't already standard. Two other things I'd like to be able to put in "my" status bar are the codepage of the file and whether it's being viewed and edited with Unix, Windows, or Mac line endings. If that extra information is also made clickable to open menus (like the tab spaces and file type info), that'd be cool, too, so I wouldn't have to go find it in the menubar. But that's not as important. In other words, there are things I want to see and control that any other editor would plop into a toolbar, but since ST is so pretty without all those typically poorly designed toolbar icons, it would seem more natural to put that kind of functionality as nicely formatted text out of your way, subdued down in the status bar.

Hurray for ST3 Build 3059, with encoding & line endings in status bar, with popup menus to boot! woot woot!! Thanks, Jon. :O)
I'd like to configure mine, too. In particular I'd like to remove the line number (I already show those in the gutter) and the column number (I don't care about that).