Laurence Gellert 3 years ago • updated by Rogerio De Paula Assis 2 months ago 4

Find In Files wasn't scanning one of the files in my project, - it would never find even the easiest matches (like the class name). I narrowed the issue down to a place in the code where it strips invalid characters from a string.  

The exact character that is blocking Sublime from including the file in the find results appears as: 'SOH' in a square. This comes out to hex code '01', which is the Start of Heading character.  

By the way, I ruled out the binary_file_patterns setting. When I remove the character, the file starts coming up in the search results as expected.  

I'm on Windows 8 with Sublime Text 2 version 2.0.1 build 2217.  I did buy the product a few months ago. This is the first time it has ever acted strange. 

Hope you can get this fixed and it saves other people headaches in the future.

I've encountered the same problem. I use the Ctrl+Shift+F function all the time, but today it just stopped worked all of the sudden. Searching for text in the current file still works, but searching across files returns zero hits regardless of what I search for and where. The project contains lots of js, html and css files and I tried searching for basic stuff that exists in dozens of files, and there's no way that there is illegal characters in all of em.

I'm a licensed user as well.

I just ran into this type of issue with the same Sublime Text 2 version. So far this is the only issue I have run into that is keeping me from switching to Sublime from Notepad++.

Sublime Text 3 seems to have alleviated this issue. It shows "binary" files not in the exclude pattern in the find results. It will just say "<binary>" instead of a preview of the text.

At least 2 years later and this is still an issue on both Sublime Text 2 and 3.

In my case the non-printable character was a vertical tab (shown as VT in Sublime). Any text below the occurrence of the vertical tab is simply not found when searching across files (CMD+SHIFT+F). The search works as expected when within the single file. As described above, in Sublime 3 you get a hit however the file is described as <binary> and not surrounding context is displayed.