Vitaliy Berov 3 years ago • updated by Alexander Shchukin 1 week ago 6

Is "binary_file_patterns" supposed to work on a per project basis?

I tried setting it inside my sublime-project file and it doesn't work.

Setting the same pattern in my User settings seems to work, but that's not what im after.


It would make a lot of sense if binary_file_patterns was on a per-project basis! I'm currently using it for one of my projects however I've had to define it in the global settings as I don't think it is a per-project thing...

"Added global setting binary_file_patterns, to exclude files from Goto Anything and Find in Files" - from http://www.sublimetext.com/2 changelog of Build 2091.

Still think having this setting available per project or per folder in project settings would be incredibly useful.
Agree makes much more sense per project! Also wish there was an easy way to toggle it on/off! (sometimes I *do* want to look in 'node_modules' but usually it's easier to just ignore the whole thing
Now, you can use binary_file_patterns per project like this:
"folders": { ... }
"binary_file_patterns": {"some_file"}