Vitaliy Berov 3 years ago • updated by Rachel Hutchison 1 year ago 3

Is "binary_file_patterns" supposed to work on a per project basis?

I tried setting it inside my sublime-project file and it doesn't work.

Setting the same pattern in my User settings seems to work, but that's not what im after.


It would make a lot of sense if binary_file_patterns was on a per-project basis! I'm currently using it for one of my projects however I've had to define it in the global settings as I don't think it is a per-project thing...

"Added global setting binary_file_patterns, to exclude files from Goto Anything and Find in Files" - from http://www.sublimetext.com/2 changelog of Build 2091.

Still think having this setting available per project or per folder in project settings would be incredibly useful.