Timmerish 3 years ago • updated by 1 year ago 2
I use vintage mode with vintage_start_in_command_mode set to true. The cursor is normally an underscore when in vintage mode, and a pipe when in insert mode. This has all been working normally up until about 2 versions ago.

Now, about 5% of the time, when I switch to a file, the cursor correctly appears as a vintage-mode underscore, but incorrectly behaves as insert mode. If I escape out of insert mode then everything is back to normal. I can't figure out how to consistently reproduce the effect.

One abnormal aspect of my setup (which isn't helping me reproduce the bug, as far as I can tell) is that I have cmd+s bound to "save_and_exit_insert_mode", defined as:

class SaveAndExitInsertMode(sublime_plugin.WindowCommand):

def run(self):



Experiencing the same issue here. One situation where this happens regularly is when changing the file with another editor and then coming back to Sublime.
So the scenario is:
- in Sublime, normal mode, file saved
- changing file from some other editor, save
- back to Sublime, cursor is in normal mode but the behaviour is insert mode
+1 ... I get the same behaviour described by Matthieu in version 2.0.2